Unveiling New Delhi’s Rising Stars in India’s Financial Startup Scene

January 23, 2024

India, with its burgeoning startup ecosystem, is at the forefront of creating impactful and unique solutions that meet the needs of a diverse population. Located at the heart of this vibrant industry, are a series of startups that came into existence in 2020 or later, that aim to democratize finance and bring about financial inclusion. The capital city of India, New Delhi, boasts of quite a few such finance industry startups, which infuse technology with finance, to provide numerous financial services and solutions, making finance more accessible and manageable for everyone. These startups, despite being relatively new, have shown immense promise and innovation in their operations.

These startups range from those providing pragmatic financial solutions for startups and SME’s, to those bridging the gap between the underserved population and finances. Others yet have taken up the mantle to gospel the knowledge of finance and make it engaging, aiming to clarify any ambiguities the layman may have. Some of these startups even provide logistical and technological solutions, while others make technical advancements in the world of quantum computing to redefine financial transactions making them faster and more efficient.

Herein we showcase these trailblazer companies that have made significant strides in the finance industry based out of New Delhi:


Launched by Amit Gaosandhe, Ankur Gupta, Niranjan Ayyar, and Sharad Ingule, Ruptok is a remarkable fintech platform specializing in gold loans. They offer logistic and technological solutions for gold loans to financial institutions right at their doorstep, simplifying and streamlining the otherwise cumbersome process. Connect with Ruptok on LinkedIn.


Operating in Consulting, Finance, and Financial Services, Finofii is a New Delhi based startup with a focus on FinTech. Engage with Finofii on their LinkedIn page and stay updated with their latest activities on their Twitter handle.

Alstonia Impact

Founded by Dhananjay Vaidyanathan Rohini, Alstonia Impact is a financial consulting company best known for its services in the realm of finance, management consulting, and financial relations. Find out more about Alstonia Impact on their LinkedIn page.

SoulPay – Money transfer Service | Bill payment | Aeps Service

SoulPay, a financial assistance provider for the unreached population, has established a vast retail network to provide financial services such as bill payments and money transfers. It doubles up as a digital banking solution, enhancing the monthly income of retailers and distributors. Get a feel of SoulPay’s offerings on Facebook or stay updated with their latest tweets at Twitter.


StrideOne is a New Delhi startup focusing on customized financial services for startups and SMEs. Their suite of financial services is tailored for businesses of all sizes, providing comprehensive solutions to tackle financial challenges. They are active on LinkedIn.


FinanceBuzz.net is a financial magazine providing comprehensive coverage on various finance topics such as stock markets, investing, business, personal finance, and more. They offer up-to-date, relevant financial news in an easy-to-read format. Stay updated with their latest activities on LinkedIn, read interesting financial insights on their Facebook page, and stay tuned to their latest tweets on Twitter.


Personal finance startup Lendingplate brings innovative solutions to the finance market. They provide financial services aiming to make finance more accessible. They are active on all major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Sudershan Industries

Founded by Kumar Sudershan, Sudershan Industries is a multinational conglomerate blending Asset Management, Finance, Information Technology, and Quantum Computing. It aims to redefine financial transactions with technical advancements in quantum computing. Find them on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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