Tata Communications to Acquire Kaleyra, Revolutionizing Global Customer Interactions

July 1, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Tata Communications announces acquisition of Kaleyra, a leading global CPaaS platform player, in an all-cash transaction.
  • The acquisition empowers global enterprises to offer personalized experiences to their customers through targeted communication services.
  • Tata Communications gains access to Kaleyra’s industry-proven platform, strong industry presence, and expertise, while Kaleyra benefits from Tata Communications’ extensive customer base and global expansion opportunities.
  • The transaction, valued at approximately USD 100 million, is expected to be completed within the next six to nine months, making Kaleyra a subsidiary of Tata Communications.


Tata Communications, a global digital ecosystem enabler, has made a significant move in the communications industry with its announcement of the acquisition of Kaleyra, Inc. This strategic acquisition aims to revolutionize global customer interactions by empowering enterprises to offer personalized experiences to their customers through targeted communication services.

Unlocking Personalized Experiences

Kaleyra, a global omnichannel integrated communication services provider, offers a range of proprietary platforms that enable targeted personalization. Through messaging, video, push notifications, e-mail, voice-based services, and chatbots, Kaleyra empowers businesses to engage with their customers in a personalized and efficient manner. With this acquisition, Tata Communications gains access to Kaleyra’s industry-proven platform, which has a stronghold in the business communications market across various industries, including banking and financial services, retail, and digital commerce.

Building on Strengths

Tata Communications, with its global presence and expertise in the digital ecosystem, stands to gain significant advantages from the acquisition. Kaleyra’s strong capabilities and expertise in technology, engineering, and research and development will further enhance Tata Communications’ offerings. The acquisition also provides Tata Communications with Tier 1 carrier connections in the US, ready connectors to third-party platforms, and video services without the need for additional software plugins.

Expanding Global Reach

Tata Communications, already powering today’s fast-growing digital economy in more than 190 countries and territories, will further expand its global reach with the acquisition of Kaleyra. Kaleyra’s extensive network and customer base, coupled with Tata Communications’ large enterprise customer base, including 300 Fortune 500 companies, will create new opportunities for growth and innovation. The resulting business will leverage Tata Communications’ mobile network operator connections and global expansion capabilities, positioning it as a leader in the industry.

A Win-Win Situation

The acquisition of Kaleyra by Tata Communications represents a significant milestone for both companies. Tata Communications gains access to Kaleyra’s industry expertise, strong market presence, and innovative platforms, enabling it to provide enhanced communication solutions to its customers. Kaleyra, on the other hand, benefits from Tata Communications’ extensive customer base, global reach, and resources, which will accelerate its growth and market expansion.

Quotes from Key Figures

“When we launched Kaleyra 24 years ago with my co-founder Simone Fubini, I could hardly envision that our voyage would take us from a small Italian startup to global expansion, a publicly listed NYSE company, and now working together with a great technology leader like Tata Communications. This is a great day for Kaleyra and our shareholders, and our employees worldwide,” said Dario Calogero, Founder and CEO of Kaleyra.

“I am very pleased with today’s outcome, fruits of the dedicated and professional work of the Kaleyra team. It’s been a privilege to be part of the Kaleyra team since the onset of their public listing journey in late 2019, and through the follow-up significant funding of the company and its meaningful strategic extensions through GigCapital. This transaction represents a significant premium to the last closing share price and delivers significant value creation to all Kaleyra stakeholders. We are excited about the next chapter of the Kaleyra journey, being an essential part of the Tata Communications enterprise,” commented Dr. Avi Katz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kaleyra.


The acquisition of Kaleyra by Tata Communications marks a significant step forward in the communications industry. It brings together the strengths and expertise of both companies to revolutionize global customer interactions. With targeted communication services and personalized experiences, enterprises will be able to engage with their customers more effectively and efficiently. As Tata Communications continues to power the fast-growing digital economy, the acquisition of Kaleyra positions the company at the forefront of innovation and growth in the industry.

About Tata Communications

Tata Communications, a part of the Tata Group, is a global digital ecosystem enabler that powers today’s fast-growing digital economy in more than 190 countries and territories. With its collaboration and connected solutions, core and next-gen connectivity, cloud hosting and security solutions, and media services, Tata Communications enables the digital transformation of enterprises worldwide. The company serves 300 Fortune 500 companies and connects businesses to 80% of the world’s cloud giants.

To learn more about Tata Communications, please visit their website.

About Kaleyra

Kaleyra, Inc. is a global group that provides mobile communication services to various industries worldwide. With its proprietary platform and robust APIs, Kaleyra offers integrated communication services such as messaging, video, push notifications, e-mail, voice services, and chatbots. The company manages billions of messages monthly with over 1600 operator connections in 190+ countries, including all tier-1 US carriers.

For more information about Kaleyra, please visit their website.

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