Suchismita Burman: Quality people solutions need depth, understanding and a commitment. That’s what I am experimenting with

June 3, 2024

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Tell us about yourself?

Human resources professional with 25 years of experience across Consulting, Corporate HR, CoE, Talent Business advisory and CHRO roles across industry sectors. Partnered with C suite leaders during business transformation and strategic people program design and implementation phases. Experience in leading multi-functional teams across geographies (US, Europe and Asia). She has built credibility in strong program management, people and business application skills with her clients, stakeholders and is proficient in defining linkages to business impact areas and people plans at strategic level.

She has worked with Mercer HR Consulting, Aol, Infinite Computer Solutions, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Deloitte Consulting and ITC Infotech.

What lessons has being an entrepreneur taught you?

1. Know yourself: This is a discovery process – not just about what you have to offer and what you can do but most importantly, who you are and what do you want to achieve through this experience.

2. Patience: In an active way. Being patient means being comfortable with the unknown and willing to let go. It is about not counting the clock ticking away; instead being patient enough to learn in the process and taking one step at a time.

3. Be financially savvy – don’t get too close that will not allow to view the situation as a third person.

If you could go back in time to when you first started your business, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

Dont look for validation outside. Since the external validation will be from another experience or point of view, it may cause dissonances in your own thought process and especially if you are starting off. Use external inputs only as data so that you can evaluate the relevance of it

A lot of entrepreneurs find it difficult to balance their work and personal lives. How have you found that?

Think about it as an integration and make sure that your core priorities are aligned and the people (family and allies) understand it exactly the way you see it. Make sure that is an agreement and at times of tension, sit down to sort it out. Dont drag it and let it pass.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

To be able to provide people solutions that are relevant, affordable and aligned to future of work and how human intelligence, mindsets shifts are happening. Quality people solutions need depth, understanding and a commitment. Thats what I am experimenting with.

What do you think is your magic sauce? What sets you apart from the competitors?

My business experience. I have been fortunate to have worked in various cultures, mindsets, business environments and I understand why certain HR solutions/interventions will work or not work. My war stories differentiate me. My relationships, knowledge and pragmatism create recall value for my clients.

How have you found sales so far? Do you have any lessons you could pass on to other founders in the same market as you just starting out?

Sales have been through referrals. Lessons – Build like mindedness – it takes time yet it is the only thing that makes the impact.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far in your business, and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge is to reach out to people – the target audience – both at B2B and B2C. I have not overcome the challenges at all. It is work in progress.

🇮🇳 What do you consider are the main strengths of operating your business in India and the specific state you are in over other states in India?

The start-up community and the need to think about people aspect holistically and invest in it prudently.

🇮🇳 What (if any) are some weaknesses of operating your business within India and your state?

The competition is huge and the fragmented. Pricing and value add goes hand in hand and in the India market, it is important to be able to show case the same constantly.

🇮🇳 If you could operate your business in another state in India rather than the State you are in, which state would it be and why?

Karnataka remains unchanged and continues to be a beneficial state for my business endeavors. The other state would be Maharashtra.

🇮🇳 India has an incredibly diverse population. How has the affected your consumer base and business?

The diversity in population, segmentation, spend capacity and the diverse kind of needs suits my business offerings.

🇮🇳 Infrastructure is really important to businesses. How have you seen India’s infrastructure improve recently? Do you see new opportunities opening up?

India’s infrastructure has seen significant improvements recently, which are opening up new opportunities for businesses and the economy.

And finally, if people want to get involved and learn more about your business, how should they do that?

please write into [email protected] OR write into me @ [email protected] OR reach me on LinkedIn

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