Spotlight on Mumbai’s Emerging Software Startups Transforming India’s Tech Scene

January 17, 2024

India, with its pro-business policies and thrust on digitalization, has become a hotbed for innovative startups. The year 2020 alone witnessed the emergence of some disruptive startups, particularly in the software industry with bases in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Despite the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, these businesses have exhibited great resilience and inventiveness. In this article, we put a spotlight on these startups, providing an insight into their workings, aspirations, and achievements. Predominantly in SaaS, HR, AI, and other software-related fields, these companies represent the future of the technology space in India.

Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, is a breeding ground for many technological advancements because of its cosmopolitan crowd, investor attention, and access to resources. The firms presented in this article are situated in this vibrant city, offering their services not only domestically but also globally. From simplifying task management to language learning and professional networking, these software startups in Mumbai are geared towards enhancing productivity and facilitating ease of work.

Here is a list of some promising new startups in Mumbai that began operations in 2020 and subsequently. With their unique concepts and dedicated workforce, these startups have been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses associated with them. Let’s dive into specifics and learn more about these flourishing ventures.


Founded by Anupam Vijayvergia and Anurag Vijayvergia, Lio is a SaaS startup that allows businesses to keep track of tasks. This versatile application is suitable for a wide range of users including homemakers, small businesses, farmers, and many others. Find Lio on their LinkedIn page as well as on Twitter at @thelioapp.


BHyve is a HR & Software Startup which is bringing the future of work to life. It is founded by Ketaki Ogale, Omkar Pandharkame, and Vihang Mirkhelkar who believe in the power of remote work and employee inclusivity. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @BHyvelearn.


Thrive, founded by Dhruv Dewan, Karan Chechani, and, Krishi Fagwani offers an all-in-one solution for restaurant ordering. It is replete with table ordering, pickup, and delivery functionalities alongside an in-built marketing feature. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Launched by Arnab Mitra, DigiBoxx offers an intelligent digital file storage and sharing platform which is economically priced. Learn more about them on their Facebook, LinkedIn page, and Twitter at @thedigiboxx.


Languify founded by Lokap Sahu, Mohak Sahu, and Shivam Sahu is an AI-based language learning assistant that provides real-time feedback on spoken and written English. Get to know more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Founded by Mohd Wasil and Saad Jamal, Serri is an AI chatbot that acts as a professional networking platform on WhatsApp. Stay connected with them on their LinkedIn page and on Twitter @serri_club.

Finsights – GST ITC Reconciliation App and Free Tally on Mobile and Web

Finsights, a unique startup that offers GST ITC Reconciliation App and Tally services on mobile and web for businesses. Providing timely financial aid, Finsights is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its clients. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Twitter at @FinsightsApp.


Apli, founded by Shivam Tiwari, opens up opportunities for students and young professionals by providing a virtual job experience. They offer a range of services including mentoring, resume building, and corporate recruitment among others. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter at @Apliclub.

Thrive Now

Known for creating a bridge between aspirations and realities, Thrive Now has emerged as a significant contributor in the Apps, Online Portals, and Software categories. To know more about them, connect on their Facebook page and LinkedIn.

Exim Trade Data

Providing global export and import trade data for over 60+ countries, Exim Trade Data is helping businesses to streamline their export-import operations. Stay updated with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter at @exim_data.


Parkour is a much-needed app that simplifies the parking search experience for car owners. It made its entry into the software industry in 2020, with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.

With a mix of young and experienced founders, these companies have a strong vision for delivering high-quality software products and services. Their hard work and commitment are paving the way for technological advancements that will play a significant role in the future of the Indian software industry.

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