Shridhar A. Argekar: Actotum emerged during the industry’s darkest days and became the embodiment of their resilience, representing a new era of creativity and ingenuity.

October 5, 2023

Actotum – Pioneering a Resilient Path in the Event Industry
In the vibrant landscape of the event industry, Actotum emerged as a beacon of innovation and resilience, evolving from its parent company, AEM, in the wake of unforeseen challenges. Founded in 2018, AEM set out on a journey of success, leaving an indelible mark in the field of event management with its commitment to excellence and unforgettable experiences for clients.
However, the unforeseen tides of change arrived in March 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic cast a shadow of uncertainty over the event industry. Many companies faced a tumultuous downturn, and AEM was no exception. In this critical moment, instead of being deterred, the team at AEM saw an opportunity to transform and adapt.
Enter Actotum, a subsidiary brand that emerged during the industry’s darkest days, symbolizing AEM’s indomitable spirit and originality. Actotum became the embodiment of their resilience, representing a new era of creativity and ingenuity. With AEM as its driving force, Actotum took flight, venturing into uncharted territory to pioneer a path forward.
Despite the adversity, AEM and Actotum continued to forge ahead, their combined strength leading to the creation of new brands and an array of unique services under the innovative Actotum 360 framework. This dynamic approach allowed them to seamlessly integrate virtual events and hybrid experiences into their portfolio, effectively catering to the evolving needs of clients in an ever-changing landscape.
The visionary journey of Actotum didn’t stop there. Harnessing their expertise and experience, they boldly ventured into 22 other verticals of business, diversifying their offerings and solidifying their position as leaders in the event industry.
Today, Actotum stands tall, a testament to their unwavering dedication and ability to embrace change. As a subsidiary of AEM, Actotum embodies the essence of adaptability, reflecting the core values of its parent company while crafting a unique identity of its own.
With Actotum’s history rooted in the resilience of AEM, this formidable duo continues to offer unparalleled event solutions, weaving enchanting experiences, and creating lasting memories for clients in every endeavor.

Tell us about yourself?

 An Entrepreneurial Journey from a Corporate Experience to a Multi-Business Service Provider
Shridhar A Argekar is a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) – Human Resource (HR) Specialization Graduate from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He completed his graduation in 2014 and began his corporate journey as an HR Professional during college days. But soon after, he realized his potential for entrepreneurship and co-founded Actotum, a Multi-Business Service Provider Company, in 2018.
Actotum is not just a regular service provider company but a platform that offers multiple services such as Business Consulting, Branding and Digital Marketing, Event Management, Human Resource, Financial Advisory, and Legal Advisory. With his innovative mindset and leadership skills, Shridhar has made Actotum a successful venture in a short span of time.
Apart from Actotum, Shridhar has co-founded and directed multiple startups such as Chime Media House, Glitterati Concepts, Orashio Production House, Ecstasy Travel Solutions, Shree Sai Capitals, and various other companies. He is a multi-dimensional entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for new and innovative business opportunities.
Shridhar’s entrepreneurial journey is not just about making profits but also about fulfilling his father’s dream of embarking on the success road trip of entrepreneurship. His father, Arvind Ratnakar Argekar, was an inspiration to Shridhar, who always believed in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation. Shridhar’s father always wanted him to be an entrepreneur, and Shridhar fulfilled his father’s dream by co-founding Actotum and various other startups.
Shridhar’s spirit of innovation and his hunger for new opportunities have helped him create successful ventures. He is always open to learning new things and exploring new domains. He has a diverse range of interests and skills that have helped him in his entrepreneurial journey. Shridhar has proved that one does not necessarily need to have a background in business to become a successful entrepreneur.
Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Shridhar is also a startup mentor who provides guidance and support to aspiring entrepreneurs. He is available for mentorship on multiple platforms such as AGMARK-National Startup India initiative, Coffee MUG, etc. Shridhar understands the importance of mentorship and how it can help aspiring entrepreneurs in their journey.
Shridhar is also an investor in innovative and aspiring startups. He invests in startups that have a potential to create a significant impact and solve real-world problems. Shridhar’s investments are not just for financial gains but also to support and encourage the startup ecosystem. He is available on multi-platforms such as Angel Invest, etc., for startups that are looking for investment.
Shridhar’s dream is to create the biggest and largest business empire. He wants to create a legacy that will inspire future generations to become entrepreneurs. His vision is to create a company that will not just make profits but also create a positive impact on society. Shridhar’s journey from a corporate experience to a multi-business service provider is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs.

If you could go back in time a year or two, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

 “Big things take longer time to become reality” & “trust & faith in one thyself,can move mountains”

What problem does your business solve?

 Actotum serves as a comprehensive solution provider, addressing a multitude of challenges across diverse business sectors. From micro to macro levels, Actotum streamlines operations, boosts efficiency, and enhances growth prospects. Whether it’s offering innovative tech solutions, optimizing resource allocation, or fostering entrepreneurship through mentorship, Actotum’s holistic approach tackles a wide array of issues, driving positive change and fostering success across the business landscape.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

 The answer to this question is answered in question 8,9 & 11 where we talk about my inspiration to business, kind of problems, my company solves & what i do for the society.

What is your magic sauce?

 Actotum, your all-encompassing solution hub, offers a comprehensive range of services catering to every need from A to Z. Our hallmark lies in leveraging cutting-edge innovation, unwavering reliability, and boundless creativity, all facilitated by our collaboration with the industry’s finest service providers. Embrace Actotum, where excellence knows no bounds.

What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

 Over the next five years, Actotum envisions an expansive journey driven by innovation and growth. Our roadmap includes the launch and nurturing of 12 sub-brands, each specializing in diverse business domains, further amplifying our comprehensive service spectrum. We’re committed to harnessing cutting-edge technologies and forging strategic partnerships to optimize operations and enhance customer experiences.

Our global expansion stands as a pinnacle goal, with Actotum reaching new horizons and establishing a remarkable presence across international markets. Rooted in the vision of Shridhar A Argekar, Actotum aims to become a true ‘Business Falcon’, not only leading but influencing the global business economy. The ultimate aspiration is to create a legacy that transcends generations, inspiring entrepreneurs and igniting a new era of innovation. With a fervent dedication to excellence, Actotum is set to redefine possibilities and make a lasting impact on industries worldwide.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?

 The most significant challenge Actotum has encountered was the transformation from a single-domain event management company to a multi-business entity post-COVID. This shift demanded us to redefine strategies and adapt swiftly to a changing landscape. Another challenge was employee recruitment, as establishing trust and loyalty was crucial. Vendor-related issues on-ground also presented hurdles.

During our initial two years, the transition involved rigorous R&D and bootstrap investments by both directors, leading to substantial debts. This financial burden posed a significant obstacle. However, with resilience and determination, Actotum managed to overcome these challenges. The journey from financial strain to success underscored our commitment, pushing us to innovate, evolve, and ultimately achieve positive outcomes.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

 At Actotum, our vision is fueled by three core pillars: innovation, creativity, and reliability. Our commitment to these principles resonates through every facet of our endeavors. This approach not only drives us to craft innovative business solutions but also builds trust among the public, investors, and clients. As a result, people naturally gravitate towards our vision.

We welcome individuals from all walks of life to join us. We firmly believe that challenges hold opportunities, and we’re dedicated to finding solutions together. Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking mentorship, an investor looking for impactful ventures, or a creative mind seeking collaboration, Actotum offers a space for everyone in our dynamic ecosystem. We invite you to reach out, share your vision, and be a part of the collective journey towards a better future.

We encourage you to connect with us, collaborate, and explore the boundless potential that our visionary approach brings. You can begin by joining our community through various channels, where we engage, learn, and innovate together. Your unique perspective and passion can help shape the future we envision.

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