Revving Up Innovation: Chennai’s Top 15 Automotive Startups Transforming the Industry

November 30, 2023

1. Ki Mobility Solutions

Industry: Automotive Parts and Services
Without a website but making significant strides in Chennai’s automotive scene, Ki Mobility Solutions stands out in the sale of auto parts and accessories. They also excel in providing top-notch maintenance and repair services.

2. The ePlane Company

Website: The ePlane Company
Industry: Urban Air Mobility
Pioneering in urban air mobility, The ePlane Company is crafting India’s first compact flying electric taxi. Their vision promises a 10x faster commuting experience, redefining city travel.

3. Tow Man

Website: Tow Man
Industry: Automobile Assistance
Operating as an automobile assistance firm, Tow Man offers reliable and efficient services to ensure smooth and uninterrupted travel for vehicle owners.

4. Raptee Energy

Website: Raptee Energy
Industry: Electric Transport
Dedicated to expediting the shift to smart, electric transportation, Raptee Energy is at the forefront of eco-friendly automotive solutions.

5. AutoSense

Website: AutoSense
Industry: Automotive Data Engineering
AutoSense specializes in providing data engineering solutions for the automotive industry, aiding companies in their digital transformation journey.

6. Motrparts

Website: Motrparts
Industry: E-Supplier of Car Parts
As the most trusted E-Supplier of Car Parts in Chennai, Motrparts has established itself as a key player in the online automotive parts market.


Industry: Automobile Components Trading
Although without a website, CAPL is a key wholesale trader in Chennai, dealing in a wide array of automobile components and spare parts for various vehicles.

8. Arus MR Tech

Website: Arus MR Tech
Industry: Vibration/Motion Control Solutions
AMT provides innovative Magnetorheological (MR) fluid solutions, enabling advanced vibration and motion control in automotive applications.


Industry: Fleet Management
Specializing in Fleet Management, GPS Vehicle Tracking, and Fuel Monitoring Systems, TRACKOBOX offers comprehensive solutions for fleet management.

10. Defect Scanner

Website: Defect Scanner
Industry: Quality Control
Defect Scanner enhances product quality by identifying flaws in manufactured products with its user-friendly interface.

11. Carlexo

Website: Carlexo
Industry: Premium Car Sales
Carlexo stands as a premium hub for buying luxury cars in India, offering an exclusive selection for discerning customers.

12. Beecon Fleet Management

Website: Beecon Fleet Management
Industry: Fleet Management
As a specialized fleet management company, Beecon provides comprehensive solutions to optimize fleet operations.

13. Smart Industrial Solutions

Website: Smart Industrial Solutions
Industry: Industrial and Automotive Engineering
Focusing on industrial and automotive engineering, Smart Industrial Solutions delivers cutting-edge electrical and electronics solutions.

14. Maxmoc

Website: Maxmoc
Industry: Product Manufacturing
Maxmoc is a dynamic product manufacturing company, contributing innovative solutions in the automotive sector.

15. Yuj

Website: Yuj
Industry: Automobile Repairs
Yuj simplifies automobile repairs with their ‘three click solution’, streamlining the repair process for vehicle owners.

These 15 companies exemplify the diversity and innovation within Chennai’s automotive sector, each contributing uniquely to the industry’s growth and evolution. From high-tech urban air mobility to essential parts and services, Chennai’s automotive startups are driving the future of transportation.

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