Revolutionizing Learning: Bengaluru’s Top 15 EdTech Innovators

November 5, 2023


Bengaluru, often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley, is not just a hub for IT companies. It’s also home to some of the most innovative educational startups in the country. From SaaS platforms to interactive learning apps, these companies are transforming the landscape of education. Let’s dive into the top 15 educational startups that are making waves in Bengaluru.

1. Toddle

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Toddle is revolutionizing the educational sector with its SaaS platform, designed to enhance collaboration among teachers and track learning outcomes effectively.

2. Scaler Academy

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Scaler Academy stands out with its advanced online computer science programs, tailored for college graduates and budding software engineers, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

3. Jovian

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Jovian makes learning data science and machine learning more accessible with its practical, hands-on courses that emphasize coding.

4. Thinkerbell Labs

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Innovating in the field of assistive technology, Thinkerbell Labs uses tech to help visually impaired kids learn their curriculum independently.

5. BlueLearn

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BlueLearn is a dynamic student community platform offering resources for skill development and networking opportunities for students.

6. GrowthSchool

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GrowthSchool leads the way in educational innovation, focusing on learning from the top 1% in various fields.

7. SkilloVilla

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SkilloVilla is dedicated to career-focused upskilling, providing ed-tech solutions that are aligned with job market requirements.

8. ForeignAdmits

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ForeignAdmits serves as a B2B Marketplace, assisting study abroad agents and students in their journey from admissions to post-admission needs.

9. Kutuki

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Kutuki offers a specialized learning platform for young children, focusing on the critical early learning stage between three and seven years.

10. WISE App

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WISE App enhances online teaching with its intuitive application, simplifying the process for teachers to conduct online courses.

11. BitClass

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BitClass empowers educators with its PAAS solution, enabling them to manage their independent live classes effectively.

12. CareerLabs

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CareerLabs is committed to preparing students for the future, helping them find success paths that best suit their skills and aspirations.

13. DAOstruct

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DAOstruct is pioneering in the field of decentralized autonomous organizations, offering tools for discovery, investment, and governance participation.

14. Teachmint

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Teachmint is redefining educational infrastructure as India’s largest teaching platform, offering diverse solutions for educators and learners.

15. Typeset

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Typeset simplifies the creation, collaboration, and consumption of research, making it more accessible and efficient for scholars and students alike.


These 15 startups from Bengaluru are not just contributing to the local ecosystem but are also playing a significant role in reshaping the global educational landscape. Through innovation and technology, they are unlocking new possibilities in learning and teaching, making education more accessible, engaging, and effective.

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