Revolutionizing Advice Industry: Spotlight on Mumbai-Based Indian Startups

January 23, 2024

India has seen a tremendous startup boom in recent years and the intoxicating world of entrepreneurship has caught the imagination of ambitious talents nationwide. Some cities, like Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, have emerged as major hubs and epicenters of this startup revolution. Several young businesses operating in fields such as advice, consulting, personal finance, and wellness have provided innovative solutions and path-breaking ideas, making a significant impact on not just the Indian market but globally too. This article will showcase the startups that started in 2020 or later which have made waves in various industries, marking them out as ones to watch.

Mumbai, also known as the finance capital of India, has nurtured many startups in recent years, further solidifying its image as a thriving business ecosystem. This city, with its magnetic charm and never-say-die attitude, has seen several startups, which were merely fledgling ideas at the point of inception, grow into full-blown successful ventures marking their place not just on the Indian business map but on the global scene as well. The capacity to leverage its strong connections in the financial world, coupled with an indomitable entrepreneurial culture, are some of the factors that have positioned Mumbai as an exciting playground for startups.

Here, we bring to the spotlight, some innovative startups headquartered in Mumbai, which are redefining professionalism and business acumen, and delivering high quality services in the advice industry.


Founded by Aditya Gupta, Credilio is fast becoming a reputed name in the fintech arena. It stands as a digital financial platform that provides a range of services, from loans and credit cards to advisory services, to individuals and families. Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter: @credilio

Veera Health

Founders Shashwata and Shobhita Narain have built Veera Health, a startup operating at the intersection of health care and technology. Their app is an integration of evidence-backed therapy and coaching, which is augmented with specialist support. It has been beneficial to many who needed such services in the comforts of their home.


Founded by Amit Bansal and Anurag Pandey, Nimbbl, is oriented towards enhancing the online shopping experience for users. They address a common problem faced by e-commerce businesses – Cart Abandonment. The startup leverages robust technology to solve this issue effectively, significantly improving conversion rates for businesses. Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter: @_nimbbl


LXME is the first financial platform in India specifically catering to women. This unique startup offers services in savings, lending, and investments, with the ultimate goal to enable women to be financially independent. The platform also provides a safe, women-only community where financial education, tips, and various investment options are shared. Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter: @lxmeofficial

Speaker Influencer

The Speaker Influencer is a startup that plays a crucial role in the ever-evolving fields of consulting and market research. This Mumbai based startup creates content that influences its readers and provides extensive advice on diverse topics.Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter: @speakerinfluen1

Aapka CFO

The startup called “Aapka CFO” provides financial services and consulting, filling an essential gap in several companies devoid of a CFO. The services provided by Aapka CFO are crucial for various operational needs, inclusive but not limited to strategic planning and decision making. Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter: @aapkacfo

These companies are leading examples of how Mumbai is fostering an atmosphere of innovation and growth on a global scale, by enabling talented entrepreneurs to bring their path-breaking ideas to life. If you’re excited about the startup scene in India, keep a tab on these rising stars!

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