Revolutionary Indian Startups Transforming the Advice Industry Landscape

January 2, 2024

Start-ups have become a thriving part of India’s economy, showcasing the country’s entrepreneurial spirit, business innovation and economic growth. Advancements in various industries such as technology, agriculture, and healthcare have paved new avenues for promising startups providing advice in different fields. Let’s take a look at some of these promising Indian startups, all of which have been established in 2020 or later, operating in the Advice industry.

These companies have not only made significant impact in their respective industries, but have also demonstrated resilience and adaptability in the face of a challenging business environment. They provide innovative solutions for different needs, from insurance advice to agricultural solutions to fintech solutions. Here are a snapshot of some of these startups.

Let’s look at these companies more closely, celebrating their ideas, successes and journey so far.


Based in Mumbai, Credilio is a digital financial platform that offers loans, credit cards, and advisory services to individuals and families. Founded by Aditya Gupta, this start-up is focused on providing cutting edge solutions in the FinTech landscape.


Samhitha, based in Hyderabad, leverages AgTech to provide precision farming advisory to farmers. Using its expertise in capturing soil and weather data through wireless devices, it helps farmers deal with pests and diseases more effectively. Founded by Jagan Chitiprolu, the start-up aims to revolutionize farming in India.

Veera Health

This Mumbai-based company offers a healthcare app that combines evidence-backed therapy with coaching and specialist support for a subscription fee. Founded by Shashwata Narain and Shobhita Narain, Veera Health is making strides in the wellness sector.


Nimbbl is a Mumbai-based start-up specializing in the Payments and Transaction Processing industry. Founded by Amit Bansal and Anurag Pandey, Nimbbl aims to address the issue of cart abandonment rate in online shopping and improve the conversion rates for e-commerce companies.


Located in Gurgaon, SB NRI offers various Financial Services and aims to enhance the FinTech industry in India. Founded by Mudit Vijayvergiya, the start-up provides a range of solutions to cater to the needs of Non-Resident Indians. Insurance

Founded by Thribhuvan Lokesh, is an insurance discovery platform that helps customers find suitable insurance plans and curated financial advisors. This neutral platform is located in Vikhroli, Maharashtra.


Gulaq, founded by Sandeep Tyagi, is an Asset Management start-up based in Gurgaon. It aims to democratize investment for the common man by making the process easy, accessible, and efficient.

RiskMan Consulting

RiskMan Consulting, based in Kolkata, provides advisory, internal audit, risk management, tax, and compliance consulting services. Their comprehensive services aim to help businesses navigate regulatory complexities.


Based in Pune, WhistleBugle offers deal advisory, tech consulting, forensics and litigation support services. This start-up serves venture capitalists, law firms, corporates, startups and tech companies.

Boilermaker Consulting Group

While technically not an Indian company, Boilermaker Consulting Group deserves mention due to its significant international presence. The company provides consulting and advisory services, helping businesses achieve their goals.

F S N M & Company

Located in Kolkata, F S N M & Company provides diverse business services like project management, advisory services, tax and compliance. Their aim is to serve businesses with exceptional financial services across industries.

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