New Delhi’s B2B Brilliance: Unveiling 15 Trailblazing Companies Transforming the Business Landscape

November 5, 2023

1. TravClan: Empowering Travel Agents Digitally

  • Website: TravClan
  • Description: Revolutionizing the travel industry, TravClan aids travel agents in enhancing their online presence, thereby boosting their business prospects.

2. MaxWholesale: Revolutionizing B2B Grocery Shopping

  • Website: MaxWholesale
  • Description: This Online B2B grocery platform is redefining the way grocery business is conducted, offering a seamless and efficient purchasing experience.

3. Prakriti E-mobility: Driving Towards a Greener Future

  • Website: Prakriti E-mobility
  • Description: As an electric mobility startup, Prakriti E-mobility is at the forefront of promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions.

4. Xpand: Bridging Brands with Rural Markets

  • Website: Xpand
  • Description: XPAND, a human-tech B2B aggregator platform, specializes in helping brands expand their reach into India’s high-potential rural markets.

5. Bluerickshaw: Globalizing Local Businesses

  • Website: Bluerickshaw
  • Description: Bluerickshaw stands out as a B2B export platform, focusing on elevating local businesses to a global marketplace.

6. Oyster: Crafting Content with Creativity

  • Website: Oyster
  • Description: Oyster thrives in providing top-notch content solutions, catering to the marketing and advertising needs of businesses.

7. Zopnik: Fashion’s Fast-Track From Design to Delivery

  • Website: Zopnik
  • Description: Zopnik accelerates fashion brands’ journey from conception to commerce, streamlining the process with its B2B platform.

8. EasyLeadz: Your 24/7 AI Sales Assistant

  • Website: EasyLeadz
  • Description: Revolutionizing lead generation, EasyLeadz employs AI to continuously scout for B2B leads, enhancing sales strategies.

9. DCirrus: Secure and Smart Cloud Solutions

  • Website: DCirrus
  • Description: DCirrus offers innovative cloud-based solutions, including Virtual Data Rooms and secure file sharing, empowered by AI/ML technology.

10. Showcasing Packaging Prowess

  • Website:
  • Description: This online exhibition platform operates year-round, fostering B2B interactions within the packaging industry.

11. ZIXDO: Elevating Vehicle Care and Maintenance

  • Website: ZIXDO
  • Description: Offering on-demand vehicle maintenance and cleaning services, ZIXDO is setting new standards in automotive care.

12. VITRAN: Hyperlocal Distribution Redefined

  • Website: VITRAN
  • Description: VITRAN innovates in hyperlocal distribution, streamlining the supply chain with advanced technological solutions.

13. Dial4Trade: Connecting Businesses Across India

  • Website: Dial4Trade Technologies Private Limited
  • Description: This leading online B2B marketplace serves as a dynamic directory for small and medium-sized businesses, facilitating connections and growth.

14. ReferHire: The Social Hiring Network

  • Website: ReferHire
  • Description: ReferHire stands out as a peer-to-peer social network, focusing on streamlining the hiring process through community engagement.

15. RACK 37: Simplifying Stock Liquidation

  • Website: RACK 37
  • Description: RACK 37 offers a unique B2B platform for buying and selling stock, optimizing the liquidation process for businesses.

This compilation of fifteen B2B companies from New Delhi showcases the diverse and dynamic nature of the city’s business ecosystem. From technology-driven solutions to innovative market approaches, these enterprises are not

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