Mumbai’s Rising Media Startups Transforming Indian Entertainment Landscape

January 23, 2024

India’s vibrant startup ecosystem continues to foster innovation across varied sectors, with ambitious entrepreneurs using technology as a tool to transform traditional industries. In particular, startups in the media and entertainment industry, based in Mumbai – India’s economic and entertainment hub, are setting new benchmarks in creativity, reach, and sustainability. Since 2020, several startups have emerged as worthy contenders in the market, deploying digital technology to cater to unprecedented consumer demand for entertainment and media content, spurred by the lifestyle changes due to the global pandemic.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these 2020 inception Mumbai-based startups operating in the media and entertainment industry. Despite their young age, these startups display impressive dynamism and inventiveness. Their potential for disrupting their respective sectors is tremendous.

Our list includes startups operating in sectors like digital media, video streaming, e-commerce, and content discovery, providing services that modernize and improve consumer experience in these areas.


Tangentweb operates in the Digital Media, Media and Entertainment, Video Streaming industry. With no information available about their founders, they have made a name for themselves in the industry. Connect with them on @tangentwebott, or check out their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

EverydaySure Group

Founded by Dharmendra Shekhar Ojha and Preeti Shekhar Ojha, EverydaySure Group operates in industries including E-Commerce Platforms, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Information Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Media and Entertainment, and Retail. They describe themselves as a multi-interest enterprise with diversified business interests. Find them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Chintu Srivastava and Melwin Mathias, STAR CAST AUCTION competes in the E-Commerce, Media and Entertainment, Online Auctions industry. As a global leader in the auction industry, they strive to provide customers with the rarest, authentic, and signature costumes and accessories of popular stars. Connect with them on Twitter @CastAuction, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Rohit Ghosh and Saurav Ghosh, Grouple competes in industries like Content Discovery, Digital Entertainment, Employee Benefits, and Media and Entertainment. The company leverages technology to facilitate easier and quicker group bookings for experience providers, believing that groups deserve benefits when they come in numbers. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Maukaa, co-founded by Chirag Agarwal, Himangi Agarwal, and Uttam Prakash Agarwal operates in the Media and Entertainment sector. They aim to provide a transparent ecosystem for young talents seeking opportunities in the film industry, along with all necessary support logistics and legal assistance.

Planet Cellulloid

Established by Dr Ashwyn Nayak and Dr Punit Bhardwaj, Planet Cellulloid provides services in Advertising, Broadcasting, Digital Entertainment, Film, Film Distribution, Film Production, Media and Entertainment, Music, and Video. The company boasts an impressive library of over 1000 exclusive films, web series, TV shows, and other long & short format content. Follow Planet Cellulloid on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Frenzi founded by Balkrishna Hari Singh and Harvinderjit Singh Bhatia is a friendly, platform-agnostic community for all TV show and movie aficionados, aimed at helping users find their favourite OTT content. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Theindiabizz is a platform that offers a balance of both woke and informative content relevant to a wide audience, focusing on areas like business, travel, tech, and startups. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SortMyScene, founded by Dhruva Patodia, is an e-commerce platform that focuses on nightlife. Connect with Dhruva and the SortMyScene team on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Nestxro operates in Digital Entertainment, Education, Media and Entertainment, Video industry. Connect with them via Twitter, Facebook – and LinkedIn.

News Lati

Founded by Melwin Mathias, News Lati is a platform that encourages a free and fearless journalistic approach for dynamic thinkers and undiscovered voices to share their writing on any topic. Follow News Lati on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

With such groundbreaking innovations, these Mumbai-based Media and Entertainment startups are surely ones to watch out for in the upcoming years. Through their dedication to bettering the industry and coming up with unique solutions, they epitomise the enterprising spirit of Indian Startups.

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