Mumbai’s Pioneering Travel Startups Revolutionizing India’s Hospitality Industry

January 18, 2024

In the midst of global disruptions to the travel industry, Mumbai, often dubbed as India’s startup capital, has increasingly become home to many new and innovative startups. Notably, the startups that saw their inception in 2020 and later have been bringing in fresh ideas and technologies to counter the unprecedented challenges. The city of Mumbai has fostered startups bound by a shared goal of disrupting the travel industry and reducing the inefficiencies of the sector. The following are Mumbai-based startups that embody the spirit of innovation that the city is known for.

Despite the issues revolutionizing the travel scene, this generation of startups has exhibited the spirit of resilience in bracing the impact and envisioning a transformed landscape for travel experiences. Equipped with a unique idea, steadfast resolve, and the right set of digital tools, these startups embark on solving existing problems with promising solutions.

From dedicating their endeavor to enhance customer service, transforming last-mile transportation, to ensuring traveler’s health security in this era defined by pandemic, several Mumbai-based startups are working in the travel sector, with each fast carving a niche for themselves. In this article, we celebrate their spirit and resilient disposition while showcasing their services. is a tech-led luxury travel organization carving its niche in the Customer Service and Travel industry. Despite its inception in the economic downturn, Voyaah has strived to provide a fresh perspective of exploring the world by curating unique, immersive travel experiences. Connect with them to know more about their ventures on X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.


Co-founded by Suresh Gopalan, IndiaCARZ is transforming the Last Mile Transportation sector in the Travel industry. Committed to render Quality, Value, and Service, this startup is revolutionizing the Car Rental Services in B2B/B2Corporate segments. You can learn more about their services on their Twitter handle or LinkedIn page.

Safe Travel Barometer

Safe Travel Barometer, a venture by Chetan Kapoor, Deepak Jain, Maulik Bengali, and Virendra Jain, operates at the intersection of travel and health security compliance. Their AI-based SaaS solution provides Traveler Health Screening, ensuring compliance with destination arrival and health security protocols. Learn more about them on their Twitter handle or LinkedIn page.

Acefour Accessories

Acefour Accessories operates as a D2C travel accessories company. It offers a diverse range of quality travel products designed for convenience and comfort on the move. You can check out their range on their LinkedIn page.

Travotel, a venture by founders Rakhi Agrawal and Sameer Patil, is a Full Stack Cloud Based Travel SaaS Platform. Aimed to help Offline SME Travel Agents, it significantly improves their Operational Efficiencies, Revenues, and Scale. Check them out at Facebook and LinkedIn.

Indian Train

Indian Train was started by M.S.S to assist passengers traveling across India by train, a popular and affordable mode of transportation. The company offers an online portal enabling users to track their train PNR Status, check seat availability, train schedule, and more. Interact with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Yatriclub Holidays

As a Tour Operator and a Travel Agency, Yatriclub Holidays offer tailored travel solutions for the utmost client satisfaction. Designed to cater to various travel needs, they proudly boast a sizable portfolio of services. Know more about them here.


CloseBy, a startup by Suraj Lalla, is a Location Based Tech Company that leverages Augmented Reality, E-Commerce, and Software to assist users in finding the Right Locations. They curate the Best Offers and Announcements of your favorite places at your fingertips.

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