Leading New Delhi-based Apps Startups Revolutionizing Tech in India

January 23, 2024

The Indian startup industry saw a surge of innovative ideas in the year of 2020. The startups based out of New Delhi, Delhi have especially shown great promise, with various new startups emerging in the Apps industry. The following startups have established themselves not just within the country, but are also showing great potential in placing themselves as industry leaders on a global scale.

These startups are spearheaded by young and ambitious individuals, who have leveraged cutting-edge technology to provide novel solutions and services. This article will showcase these startups and the unique value they bring to the industry.

An intriguing aspect of these startups is their diverse range, from Virtual Astrology services to Security solutions. Each startup, with its unique vision and focus on customer service, has created a distinct identity and space within the industry.


Founded by Acharya Dev, Himanshu Semwal, and Manu Jain, VAMA is based in the Mobile Apps industry. It provides a unique platform that offers e-pujas, e-darshans, and astrology services to devotees from across India and the world. Be sure to check them out on their Facebook and LinkedIn page.


Superpage is positioned as a website builder for internet influencers. This innovative idea puts them in the Apps, Information Services, and Internet industry. You can learn more about them on their official LinkedIn page and follow them on Twitter for updates.

Mindkosh AI

Playing in the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Software, and Web Apps Industry, Mindkosh AI is creating the next generation of AI-powered Annotation tools and services. Their commitment to transparency, quality, and affordability makes them a promising candidate in the AI industry. Check them out on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter page.


In the Apps and Mobile Apps Industry, SoloCoin has a unique vision of Rewarding people to Stay at Home and is implementing a decentralized and collaborative approach to product development. To know more about this early-age startup, follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


A full-fledged Internet Marketing, web development, SEO, Digital marketing, and web design startup, Anlitiqs is making its mark in the IT industry. From a small university startup, it has now grown to more than 50 employees. You can find more about Anlitiqs on their Facebook page.


Established by Neha Gupta and Shubham Jain, Keploy is an API Testing Platform that generates unit test cases with dependency mocks from API calls, solving the problem of comprehensive API testing. To know more about their services, visit their LinkedIn page.

Kornem Energy

Founded by Jaskaran Singh Sethi, Jaspreet Singh Sethi, and Jasraj Singh Sethi, Kornem Energy aims to provide energy intelligence and mobile-fuel delivery, pioneering the concept of “#FuelToYou”. Learn more about Kornem Energy on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

White Coast Security

Operates in the Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, and Web Apps industry, White Coast Security provides comprehensive security solutions. Stay updated about their work by checking out their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook page.

Ekank Technologies

Co-founded by Chetan Rexwal and Summit Nayak, Ekank Technologies is creating a unique vernacular storytelling platform. They are aiming to revolutionize the way people interact with and access history, art, culture, and heritage. You can follow them on LinkedIn.


Leading the Gaming, Information Technology, and Mobile Apps arena, Defi11 is an emerging startup headed by Ritam Gupta. Keep up with their updates on Twitter.


Founded by Akshansh Agarwal, Onsite operates in the Apps and Construction industry as a single app aimed at managing and streamlining all construction projects. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for updates.

These startups encapsulate the ingenuity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit that is characteristic of New Delhi. Given their unique propositions and relentless pursuit of their vision, they are set to redefine the Apps industry landscape in India and globally.

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