Exploring Pune’s Rising Stars in India’s Expanding Internet Startup Scene

January 23, 2024

India is home to numerous technology startups that are making significant strides in the global tech industry. Among them, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi-NCR are internationally recognized as major tech hubs. However, Pune, located in the western state of Maharashtra, is quickly gaining momentum as an emerging tech startup hub. In this article, we introduce you to some treasured startups from Pune that came into operation in 2020 or later and are making remarkable contributions in the Internet industry.

Often referred to as the ‘Oxford of the East,’ Pune is well-known for its educational institutions and software companies. This vibrant and youthful city attracts investors and entrepreneurs, providing a conducive environment for startups to thrive. Innovators have leveraged the city’s infrastructure and talent pool to develop businesses across diverse fields including Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, IoT, and more.

Having said that, let us now explore several startups from Pune and understand their mission, vision, and the technologies they bring forth. We’ve included direct links to their websites, social media profiles, and professional networks to help you gain a detailed understanding of these companies. Do try to connect with them if you resonate with their vision.


Myraah is a Pune-based tech startup that operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Internet, Web Design, and Web Development industry. Link to Myraah LinkedIn


Founded by Shivam Verma, Chat360 is an innovative startup offering a multichannel conversational marketing platform that uses chatbots and AI-driven solutions to help businesses automate customer support, generate leads, and more. Chat360 on Facebook | Chat360 on LinkedIn | Chat360 on Twitter

Evergreen Club

Evergreen Club is an online community platform designed to foster digital engagement, wellness, and learning for senior citizens. Evergreen Club on LinkedIn | Evergreen Club on Twitter

Unboxing Startups

Unboxing Startups is an inspiring platform that shares proven business strategies for upcoming startups while providing insights into Venture Capitals, Hedge funds and Angel investors. Unboxing Startups on Facebook | Unboxing Startups on LinkedIn | Unboxing Startups on Twitter


Profilehunt brings in new perspectives to commercial Internet and recruiting. Profilehunt on Facebook | Profilehunt on LinkedIn | Profilehunt on Twitter

TiMAD IT Solutions

TiMAD IT Solutions crafts business transformation solutions with services including ERP, custom solution development, IoT, predictive analytics, and more. TiMAD IT Solutions on Facebook | TiMAD IT Solutions on LinkedIn | TiMAD IT Solutions on Twitter

TechProm IOT

Co-founded by Sarang Mokashi, TechProm IOT is contributing to the development of Smart Cities and other Internet of Things applications. TechProm IOT on LinkedIn


Samanonspot is an online digital platform focused on bridging the gap between local sellers and customers, transitioning local stores from offline to online. Samanonspot on Facebook | Samanonspot on LinkedIn

Humanitas SSI Pvt Ltd

Humanitas SSI Pvt Ltd offers business promotion and other allied services across sectors in India as well as elsewhere. Humanitas SSI Pvt Ltd on Facebook | Humanitas SSI Pvt Ltd on LinkedIn | Humanitas SSI Pvt Ltd on Twitter


Founded by Rushabh Shah, Bolstart is a Pune-based Internet startup. Bolstart on LinkedIn | Bolstart on Twitter

Jyotirgamay Solutions

Founded by Pramod Singh Bhakt, Jyotirgamay Solutions is working on tailoring solutions to eliminate hurdles in businesses and individuals. Jyotirgamay Solutions on LinkedIn

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