Exploring Mumbai’s Novel Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing India’s Medical Landscape

January 23, 2024

The bustling city of Mumbai, known as the commercial hub of India, has been a hotbed for startups in recent years. The city is teeming with innovators and visionaries who are harnessing the power of technology to address some of the most pressing issues in various sectors. The healthcare industry is no exception to these groundbreaking advancements. With increasingly digital healthcare solutions, startups in the city are revolutionizing the sector, making healthcare more accessible and efficient than ever before. In this feature, we spotlight some of the notable healthcare startups based in Mumbai that came into existence in 2020 or later.

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of technology in healthcare. Digital health and telemedicine have assumed a vital role in managing healthcare needs, reducing the risk of contagion, and ensuring continuity of care. These startups are leveraging technology and innovation to democratize healthcare while ensuring quality treatment at affordable costs. From online consultations to AI-powered diagnostics, these startups are reshaping the healthcare landscape of India.

Here, we introduce you to some promising healthcare startups based in Mumbai. These startups are working in diverse fields within the healthcare sector like Oncology, Fintech, Wellness, Women’s health and more. They have not only identified gaps in healthcare deliverance but also managed to provide effective solutions to bridge those gaps.

Karkinos Healthcare

Founded by Manish Thakkar, Raja Sekhar Kommu, and Ramachandran Venkataramanan, Karkinos Healthcare is a technology-driven oncology-focused managed healthcare platform for early detection and diagnosis of common cancers. Their holistic and integrated approach to cancer care aims to revolutionize the treatment and management of this life-threatening disease. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


EasyAspataal, co-founded by Gunjali Kothari and Manoj Gupta, is a tech-enabled platform that serves as a bridge between patients and hospitals, connecting them with multiple stakeholders in an efficient and transparent manner. The startup aims to streamline healthcare service deliverance and make it more accessible. Find more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Human Edge

Human Edge is a longevity science company with the vision of democratizing the healthspan of the workforce across the globe. The startup focuses on innovations that help extend healthy human life. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.


Founded by Anurag Meena, Nikunj Malpani, and Pratik Lodha, Neodocs offers a unique at-home assessment tool that provides personalized health and wellness tips based on one’s unique bio-data. The startup engages its users with ongoing progress tracking and personalized actions to optimize their health. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pinky Promise

Divya Balaji Kamerkar’s startup, Pinky Promise, offers various health services for women including contraception, fertility, uti, vaginal discharge, STDs, polycystic ovaries, pregnancy, and abortion. They aim to eradicate societal prejudice and shame associated with women’s health. Users can anonymously connect with thousands of women on issues like pregnancy, periods, and fertility. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Veera Health

Co-founded by Shashwata Narain and Shobhita Narain, Veera Health offers a subscription based-app which combines evidence-backed therapy with coaching and specialist support, aiming to revolutionize the delivery of mental health services.


Skinnsi operates at the intersection of beauty and healthcare. The startup offers comprehensive skincare solutions, fusing traditional methods with the power of technology. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Inaari empowers women with knowledge about their menstrual cycle, helping them live in harmony with it. They offer a platform that promotes open discussions about menstruation, a topic often considered taboo in many societies. Get in touch with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Man Matters

Man Matters is creating comprehensive health and wellness solutions for men, addressing issues that are often overlooked in mainstream healthcare. Their digital platform offers a range of products and expert guidance. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tata Medical & Diagnostics

Tata MD aims to provide reliable and accessible healthcare to all with their leading-edge, patient-centric solutions. They are dedicated to developing innovative medical devices that can reshape the healthcare landscape. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.


DigiSparsh, founded by Akhilesh Gandhi and Saurabh Soni, operates at the intersection of finance and healthcare. They offer lending solutions like insurance receivable financing, supplier financing and patient financing to the entire value chain of the healthcare ecosystem. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.

The innovation, initiative, and impact of these startups are making a significant difference in the healthcare landscape of India. Their constant strides towards technology-backed personalized healthcare is a beacon of hope for countless patients across the country.

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