Exploring Mumbai’s Flourishing Consulting Startups: Innovating India’s Business Landscape

January 18, 2024

Starting a business has never been easy, but the recent influx of startups in Mumbai, Maharashtra indicates a bright future for India’s burgeoning consulting industry. The startups listed below, all of which were founded in 2020 or later, are a testament to this progress. These companies have begun their entrepreneurial journey in various sectors of the consulting industry, from healthcare and fintech to environmental consultancy and digital marketing.

India’s startup scene is vibrant, passionate, and ambitious with its innovative ideas and solutions. In this bustling ecosystem, it is exciting to watch the companies that dare to dream, create and make a difference. Herein, we present some of the game-changing startups in the consulting industry based in Mumbai that have emerged and left their mark in the recent years.

Let’s take a closer look at these companies, their visionary founders, and the innovative solutions they are providing, thus setting new benchmarks for the consulting industry in India.

Veera Health

With a focus on Advice, Apps, Consulting, Health Care, and Wellness, Veera Health was founded by Shashwata Narain and Shobhita Narain. The company provides an all-in-one health and wellness solution via their app, offering therapy, coaching and specialist support on a subscription basis.


Specializing in Consulting and Information Technology, JSW One provides innovative solutions and services to a wide range of industries. Learn more about JSW One on their LinkedIn page.

Codesis Technologies

In the realms of Blockchain, Consulting, FinTech, Information Services, Information Technology, Management Consulting, Codesis Technologies has emerged as a distinguished name. Their personalized approach to every brand and their ability to help them engage audiences in a new digital world has assured their place in the bustling startup ecosystem of Mumbai. They also have a presence on LinkedIn.

Coastal Conservation Foundation

In the realm of Environmental Consulting and Environmental Engineering, the Coastal Conservation Foundation concentrates on coastal biodiversity and habitats in urban environments. They were established in 2020 and are headquartered in Maharashtra, India. Find out more about their work on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter.

Alias Networks

Alias Networks provides IT consulting, network design solutions, project management, and more. They offer tailored solutions to cater to the specific needs of their customers. Their services can be availed via phone, email, or application forms. Learn more about Alias Networks on their LinkedIn page.

4X Technologies

Providing services in the Consulting and IT Management sectors, 4X Technologies stands as a major player in the startup scenario of Mumbai. Visit their LinkedIn page to get to know more about them.


Founded by Mousumi Nandy Dhar, Gratefy functions in the B2B, Consulting, CRM, Gift, and Personalization domain. The company helps businesses build and maintain relationships with their stakeholders, by providing personal messages, gifts, events, and experiences. Stay connected to Gratefy via their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Speaker Influencer

Speaker Influencer, functioning in the region of Advice, Consulting, Content, and Market Research, offers innovative solutions and insights to a wide array of clients. Get to know more about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


From Advertising and Consulting to Digital Marketing and Software Development, Dezigndia offers a plethora of services. They help their clients by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and outstanding print materials. Follow Dezigndia on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to stay updated with their latest projects.


Crispminds addresses matters of parenting through their platform. They offer expert parenting advice through various channels like original videos, blogs, and workshops. Get more insightful content from Crispminds on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page.

Nextedge labs

Founded by Vikasraj Yadav, Nextedge labs is a software development firm that crafts information systems and other business-specific software solutions. Connect with Nextedge labs on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more about their solutions.

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