Exploring India’s Innovations: Spotlighting Clean Energy Startup Successes

January 10, 2024

With its demographic diversity and entrepreneurial spirit, India has emerged as a hotbed of startups. One industry that has been revolutionized by these startups is the Clean Energy industry. These companies have been dedicated to leveraging innovative technologies to encourage a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable way of living. They are not only contributing to reducing carbon emissions but are also creating opportunities for economic growth. Here are some trailblazers that have started their journey in the clean energy sector in 2020 or after, and are making notable strides in their respective fields.

The global energy crisis and the growing environmental concerns have emphasized the need for sustainable and clean energy solutions. Understanding this urgency, several startups in India have emerged with innovative and pioneering solutions to revolutionize the energy landscape of the country. Whether it is revolutionary battery technology, affordable solar energy, clean transportation, or sustainable farming, these startups are redefining the renewable energy sector of India.

These startups are not only promoting clean energy solutions, but they are also contributing significantly towards India’s economic development. The clean energy sector has the potential to create millions of jobs, stimulate local economies and help India achieve its ambitious clean energy targets. These startups are a reflection of India’s commitment to a sustainable and greener future


Founded by Mahesh Godi, GODI is a first-of-its-kind company based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, that is innovating across all verticals of sustainable green energy storage technology. They are committed to achieving a zero-carbon footprint by promoting and adopting environmentally benign technologies. GODI is engaged in research and development (R&D), large-scale manufacturing (Indigenous Gigafactory), and recycling of green energy storage technologies. They are using advanced processes to develop ground-breaking materials with unique cell chemistries for Li-ion cells, Na-ion cells, and supercapacitors.
Social Accounts: @godienergy, Facebook, Linkedin

Ohm Mobility

Established by Nikhil Nair in Bangalore, Karnataka, Ohm Mobility provides fintech and clean transportation services. They are building a technology platform to revolutionize urban transportation by enabling clean, connected, and shared transportation.
Social Accounts: Facebook, Linkedin


Founded by Santhosh Kumar in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Solarion delivers affordable Solar energy for Residential & Commercial buildings. Their goal is to create awareness and motivate individuals to make a transition towards solar energy. The company provides complete solar systems including installation and maintenance.
Social Accounts: @Solarion5, Facebook, Linkedin

Koel Fresh

Located in Rourkela, Orissa, Koel Fresh is a sustainable farming startup. They provide sustainable farming mechanisms and market linkage using technology innovations and clean energy solutions. They promote organic farming through the transformation of city waste into organic manure.
Social Accounts: @KoelFresh, Facebook, Linkedin

Powermatic Solar

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Powermatic Solar is an innovative, cost-effective solar energy solution provider. The company provides on-grid solar rooftop photovoltaic systems by deploying world-class technology including design, supply, installation, testing, and commissioning.
Social Accounts: Facebook, Linkedin

Hop Electric

Founded by Ketan Mehta, Nikhil Bhatia, and Rahil Gupta, Hop Electric is a Clean-Tech startup based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They are accelerating to a sustainable future with products, technologies and services in the new energy automotive industry.
Social Accounts: @electrichop, Facebook, Linkedin

Smarterz Lab

Smarterz Lab, founded by Pradeepkumar Sundarraj, is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The startup is working on developing a disruptive high-temperature solar 3D printing process, where they use concentrated sunlight and artificial sun to sinter local dirt (sand) to build future homes or fuse metals to make future rockets & structures.
Social Accounts: Linkedin


Animagtics Technologies, founded by Ayan Ghosh, is a Mumbai-based startup. The company is involved in the development of off-grid hybrid battery energy storage systems with Clean energy technology.
Social Accounts: @AnimagticsTech, Facebook, Linkedin


Pointo, founded by Riki Biswas and Sumit Mukherjee, is a Kolkata-based startup. The company is building India’s largest network of organized EV centers, providing services like providing Li-ion batteries on a pay-per-use or lease basis, repairs, maintenance, and spare parts for the drivers of 3 Wheeler Electric Rickshaws and electric 2-Wheeler commercial fleets.
Social Accounts: Facebook, Linkedin

Falkan Motors

Founded by Akhilesh Tripathi, Falkan Motors is based in New Delhi. They are involved in the manufacturing of High Performance and Affordable Electric Scooters in India.
Social Accounts: @FalkanMotors, Facebook, Linkedin


ElectricPe, founded by Avinash Sharma and Raghav Rohila, is an EV charging platform based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The company provides smart, affordable, and clean electric mobility services to Indians.
Social Accounts: @GoElectricPe, Facebook, Linkedin

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