Exploring India’s Flourishing CleanTech Startups Revolutionizing the Sustainability Sector

January 10, 2024

India’s startup ecosystem has seen a phenomenal rise in recent years, particularly in the CleanTech industry. Dedicated to creating eco-friendly, sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, these companies are breaking barriers and setting new standards for the future. This article shines a spotlight on some Indian startups founded in 2020 or later that are pushing the envelope in the CleanTech arena.

These startups are not merely companies, but movements in their own right. They reflect a commitment to sustainability, waste management, energy efficiency, and green tech solutions. Through innovative approaches and technologies, they aim to resolve complex environmental issues, boost sustainability, and shape a greener future.

Each startup listed below is located within India and works across a diverse range of fields within the CleanTech industry. Their initiatives vary, from waste management to renewable energy solutions, but they all share a common goal: creating a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Cercle X

Founded in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Cercle X is championing waste management solutions through its blockchain, CleanTech, and SaaS-based platform. This startup enables brands and governments to manage their waste more effectively and with complete traceability. Fundamental to their approach is their network of kabadiwallahs, traders, recyclers, and brands across India. Cercle X is not just an organization, but a revolution dedicated to ocean and wildlife preservation and overall sustainability. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Operating in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, EdgeGrid is a CleanTech platform focused on facilitating energy transition for last-mile users. Offering solutions in energy management and Internet of Things, EdgeGrid is gearing up to make substantial changes in the energy sector. Don’t forget to check out their LinkedIn page for more updates.

Ohm Mobility

Established in Bangalore, Karnataka by founders Nikhil Nair, Ohm Mobility is making waves in the cleantech industry with their fintech and clean transportation services. With their technology platform, they are revolutionising urban transportation, helping to build a cleaner, greener world. Follow their journey on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Koel Fresh

Koel Fresh, located in Rourkela, Orissa, is committed to promoting sustainable farming methods and market linkage through technology innovations and clean energy solutions. They aim to transform a whopping 100,000 tonnes of city waste per year into organic manure. You can keep up to date with their progress on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Terra-X Worldwide Private Limited

Founded by Ravi Shekhar in Bangalore, Karnataka, Terra-X is a fashion-tech startup that creates eco-friendly sneakers, apparel, accessories, and equipment. They are committed to creating products that are beneficial for both the consumer and the planet. Check them out on LinkedIn.

Smarterz Lab

Smarterz Lab started in Chennai, Tamil Nadu by founder Pradeepkumar Sundarraj. This company is trying to revolutionise the construction industry by developing a disruptive high temperature solar 3d printing process that uses concentrated sunlight and artificial sun to sinter local dirt. For more info, check out their LinkedIn page.


Located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Newtrace creates electrolyzers to generate environmentally friendly hydrogen energy. They are on the frontlines of pushing the envelope of greener, more sustainable energy production. For more updates, check out their LinkedIn page.

ReGO Labs

ReGO Labs, based in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, is a cleantech company that provides an AI-driven B2B marketplace for online project bidding, a solution toolkit, and technical and financial advisory for cleantech projects. Have a look at their offerings on their LinkedIn page.

Scrap Truck

Scrap Truck, operating out of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, is providing vital waste management services for an array of waste types including plastic scrap, wooden scrap, e-waste, and more. Detailed information is available on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Polytope Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Polytope Networks, located in Pune, Maharashtra, focuses on creating universal network solutions with no dependence on hardware, software, or platform. They have a range of non-profitable products available to any client. For more, visit their LinkedIn page.

Evy Energy

Based in Gurgaon, Haryana and founded by Bhabani Mohapatra and Tushar Bohra, Evy Energy provides technical solutions for EV charging to a multitude of stakeholders within the EV charging industry. Stay updated on their developments on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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