Exploring India’s Emerging Startups Revolutionizing the Database Industry

January 12, 2024

India has emerged as a hub for startups, with innovation and technology driving its emergence as one of the world’s largest startup ecosystems. In particular, the database industry has seen a surge in new companies, spurred on by demand for evolving data-driven solutions across various sectors. Companies founded in 2020 or later are at the forefront, with unique approaches to database management, information technology, business intelligence and software development. Here are some of the standout startups to watch.


Headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, United States, Orthos has made its mark in the Business Intelligence, Database, and Software industry. Co-founded by Ryan Callahan, Orthos helps orthopaedic providers and patients remain focused on care by ensuring smooth operational and revenue cycles. It is a business intelligence solution specifically designed for orthopedic practices. You can connect with them on


Based in Madhapur, Andhra Pradesh, India, AiToBI specializes in Database and Information Technology solutions. AiToBI’s wide range of services include data storage, administration, optimization, analytics, and machine-learning algorithms. The company uses advanced data science methodologies to provide effective decision-making tools for its clients. Check their social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


In the heart of Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Leadfriday is positioning itself as an innovator in the Analytics, Business Information Systems, and Database industry. Though its founders remain unnamed, Leadfriday’s mission and drive indicate a promising future. Stay updated about Leadfriday on their LinkedIn page.

PropTeam InfoTech

Operating out of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, PropTeam InfoTech offers a host of services spanning Consulting, Database, Software, and Web Development. Their offerings encompass software consulting, custom software development, software integration, web development, mobile app development, and database management. Follow their journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


VAST TEC is a Mysuru, Karnataka-based company focusing on B2B, Database, Information Services, and SMBs. Although little is known about their founders, the company shows promise. They maintain a social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.


BlockSurvey founded by Raja Ilayaperumal and Wilson Bright in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, brings forward a unique take on user privacy in Database, Privacy, Security, and Software space. By encrypting everything from beginning to end and letting users own the keys, the company reduces the chances of data breaches, leaks, and other security issues. Stay updated with BlockSurvey’s progress on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


A Bangalore, Karnataka-based company, VICLOUD SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED specialises in Cloud Infrastructure, Database, Information Technology, and IT Infrastructure. The company offers training and resource consulting services, equipping individuals and businesses to better utilise technology. Stay in touch with their latest updates on


Though headquartered in Ireland, Indiana, United States, Vault365 is making noteworthy contributions to the Database industry. The company offers backup solutions for data stored on-premise and in cloud applications, including Microsoft 365. Stay in touch with their latest updates on

Vedika Web Solutions

Based in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Vedika Web Solutions is excelling within the Database, E-Commerce, Software, Web Apps, Web Design, and Web Development arenas. Keep an eye on Vedika on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Curate Data

Curate Data, located in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, operates in the realm of Analytics, Consulting, and Database. The company offers a business analytics platform that integrates data from all sources, runs transformations for analytics, and delivers actionable insights. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Investors DataHub

Investors DataHub located in Delhi, Delhi, India, is revolutionising the Analytics, Big Data, Content Discovery, Database, Email Marketing, Internet, Lead Generation, Market Research, and Software industries. Investors Data-Hub provides an updated, real-time database of investors, thus simplifying the process of connecting with finance firms. Get the latest updates on LinkedIn.

In conclusion, these database startups are reinventing the ways businesses and organisations manage and utilise data. Despite the challenges of starting up during a global pandemic, these entrepreneurs have shown resilience and innovation, deserving recognition within India’s vibrant startup landscape.

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