Exploring Emerging EBooks Startups in India: Innovating Reading Culture

January 12, 2024

The ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape of India has recently witnessed the emergence of startups with innovative solutions in the EBooks industry. These startups, working at the confluence of technology and literature, have capitalized on the digital shift that the world is going through, thereby making literature more accessible to their target audience. This article takes a fresh look at a few exciting online literature startups in India that were founded in 2020 or later and have made significant contributions to the world of literature.

As we delve into this rich and varied world of startups, it’s important to acknowledge the diversity in their approach. From ones focusing on ethnic literature to others offering publishing and promotional platforms for authors, each startup presents a unique value proposition while sharing the common goal of making literature more accessible through the digital medium. So, let’s take a closer look at these promising startups from India’s burgeoning digital literature scene.

Remember to click on the name of each startup to visit their respective websites and learn more about them.

Tamil Novel Blog

Originating from Chennai, the Tamil Novel Blog provides a curated collection of Tamil novels from various authors. Its selection caters to a wide range of interests from romance to science fiction. Their aim is to keep Tamil Literature alive despite the digital wave by creating a hub for Tamil novel enthusiasts from all over the globe. Checkout their Facebook page for the latest updates.

Theta Publishers OSU

Theta Publishers OSU, based in Indore, is driven by its mission to provide quality Self-help and Motivational books to Indian readers. Founded by Ram Sharma, Theta Publishers OSU has a collection of noted bestsellers that inspires its readers to improve themselves. Stay connected with Them on Facebook here and Linkedin here.


Harshala Chavan’s Merrative, based out of Mumbai, is a platform that fosters meaningful discussions around various forms of digital literature. With over 2500 readers, it offers services to brands, authors, and podcasters to reach their target audience. Connect with them on Twitter here, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Namya Press

Based in Delhi, Namya Press services encompass various facets of the publishing process. They offer their expertise in making eBooks accessible to a wide audience. Get in touch with Namya Press on Facebook here and Linkedin here.


Our next pick from the bustling state of Haryana is Bookvala. They are taking the books industry by storm by integrating Blockchain technology into their platform. Follow them on Facebook here and Linkedin here.

Sonzal Publishers

Sonzal Publishers originated in Ganderbal is revolutionising the self-publishing sphere. They provide a platform that simplifies self-publishing and helps authors get their books the recognition they deserve. Connect with them on Twitter here and Linkedin here.

Sheroes: Breaking Stereotypes

Initiated by Jahnavi Singh in Muzaffarpur, Sheroes educates people about gender inequality through literature. Follow them on Facebook here.


Founded by Anand Prakash and Umesh Joshi in Bangalore, Calibr offers a social collaborative learning platform utilizing AI. Users can build peer-to-peer learning cultures through this platform. Find them on Twitter here and Linkedin here.


Brilix, based in Noida, is creating the world’s first learning-focused social media community. The platform empowers learners to connect, learn, and share knowledge with others interested in the same subjects. Learn more about them on Linkedin here.

One Quint

Mumbai-based One Quint is a publishing firm that was established with the primary goal of making book publishing accessible to all authors, while also creating new sources of income for them. Visit their website here.


Rounding off our list is GetMyKitaap. Based out of Jalandhar, this startup aims at creating a digital library that is accessible all around the globe. Connect with them on Twitter here, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

In conclusion, the Indian EBooks industry is vibrant and diverse. It comprises startups with innovative solutions for a variety of reader tastes and preferences. By combining technology with literature, these startups are now reshaping the Indian literary scene.

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