Emerging New Delhi Internet Startups: Revolutionising India’s Digital Landscape

January 23, 2024

The Indian startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving and the capital city, New Delhi is home to a plethora of promising startups, many of which were instigated as recently as 2020. Operating within the dynamic internet industry, these startups are driving technological advancement and innovation. This article highlights a select few that have not only sprung up recently, but also demonstrate great potential.

The startups listed below have been categorised under the internet industry, but their operations span multiple sectors from e-commerce and telecommunications to education and social media. New Delhi, often considered the second most prolific startup ecosystem in India, just behind Bangalore, offers a conducive environment for these businesses to thrive.

Read on to discover some of the most promising internet startups based in New Delhi that had their inception in 2020 or later.


WIOM operates in the Telecommunications and Internet sector, primarily providing internet facilities to middle and lower-middle-income households. As a Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA), WIOM connects users to their local access point of choice for a specific charge. Founded in 2020, this startup is transforming the way people connect online. Learn more about Wiom on their LinkedIn page.


Gobillion has revolutionized e-commerce and grocery shopping through its “Team Buy” concept which allows customers to buy in groups. Founded by Roshan Farhan, the company has expanded its operations in US and India. Join their team on Facebook or follow their updates on Twitter @gobillionapp and LinkedIn at Gobillion.


Initiated by Aman Rishu, BallotNow provides a platform for easy and convenient voting and survey processes. This SaaS-based company has digitalized the way ballots work. Find out more about BallotNow on their Facebook page and LinkedIn page. You can also follow this company on Twitter @BallotNow.


Superpage offers internet influencers a one-stop website building solution. Within a short span, it has already managed to carve a niche for itself in the Apps, Information Services, and Internet industry. Discover more on Superpage’s LinkedIn page.


Designed as an e-learning platform, NotesBook empowers students with access to important study resources without geographical barriers. Through handmade and digital notes, the platform is revolutionizing online education. Further information about NotesBook is available on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Wireless Earbuds Best

WirelessEarbuds.Best is a data-driven online shopping research tool for Wireless Earbuds. By filtering through the excess information available online, this tool helps customers ensure they’re getting the best products they need.

Global Export Mart

As a substantial online B2B and B2C portal marketplace, the Global Export Mart was launched in 2020 with a vision to “transform the trading system in India”. Covering a variety of categories such as electronics, household goods, grains, and general products, it offers both sourcing and supplying services. Connect with the team on Facebook, Twitter @gexportmart, and LinkedIn.


HelpEachOther.Today, founded by Sidharth Lahoti, is an online peer-to-peer platform aimed at sharing resources. It was triggered by the COVID-19 lockdown in India and has grown into a substantial network where individuals can request essential resources. They’re on LinkedIn.

Software Vital

SoftwareVital is an online review, directory and software comparison platform for IT marketing companies, offering its users the ability to conveniently compare and choose the perfect fit for their needs.


Furnished by Abhaas Chandra, Sociohs is a content creator’s paradise. This social media and content sharing platform is allowing creators to grow and explore like never before. Find them on Facebook, Twitter @Sociohs1, and LinkedIn.


Hunner, hailed as India’s only work networking platform, is empowering every Indian to create a professional profile based on their skills and talents. With a unique Hunner ID for every profile, the platform is contributing towards unemployment solutions and better job opportunities. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter @hunner1420, and LinkedIn.

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