Emerging Indian Startups Revolutionizing the Clean Energy Sector

January 11, 2024

India has become a hub for clean energy startups, primarily driven by the urgency to reduce carbon emissions and the need for sustainable sources of energy. This piece provides a snapshot of some outstanding Indian startups in the clean energy industry founded in 2020 and later. These companies are on the frontline of producing renewable and sustainable energy solutions, transforming the country’s energy landscape and contributing significantly towards a cleaner tomorrow.

Their activities span a wide array of sectors, from solar energy and battery storage to electric vehicles and fintech solutions for clean transportation. With their groundbreaking innovations and commitment to sustainability, these companies are defining the future of clean energy in India.

Below, we profile each of these companies in more detail, highlighting their offerings, their innovation, and their impact on India’s clean energy industry.


Located in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, GODI is an innovative organization focused on research and development (R&D) for sustainable green energy storage technology. Established by Mahesh Godi, the company dedicates itself to reaching a zero-carbon footprint by promoting environmentally benign technologies. GODI has India’s most extensive R&D house with a highly skilled team specializing in various fields such as electrochemistry, material science, thermal engineering, and advanced manufacturing.

Ohm Mobility

A powerful player based in Bangalore, Karnataka, Ohm Mobility is a platform that provides fintech and clean transportation services. Founded by Nikhil Nair, Ohm Mobility aims to revolutionize urban transportation by building a technology platform that enables clean, connected, and shared transportation.


Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Solarion was founded by Santhosh Kumar in 2020. The company offers affordable solar energy to residential and commercial buildings. Solarion is not just a solar energy provider; it is actively engaged in spreading awareness and motivating people to adopt solar energy. The capable team at Solarion regards solar energy as a panacea to cleaner earth and sustainable living.

Koel Fresh

Koel Fresh operates from Rourkela, Orissa, where it provides sustainable farming mechanisms and market linkage using innovation, clean energy solutions, and building an international brand of farm produce. The company promotes organic farming and manages city waste by transforming it into organic manure.

Powermatic Solar

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Powermatic Solar believes in providing sustainable, clean, and free solar energy for every home. Leveraging their extensive industry experience, they offer quality execution and ensure customer satisfaction. They provide on-grid solar rooftop photovoltaic systems and offer cutting-edge technologies for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and various other sectors.

Hop Electric

Based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Hop Electric is a clean-tech startup accelerating sustainable solutions in the new energy automotive industry. The startup possesses a vast number of Experience Centers across various states and a manufacturing unit that produces up to 1.2 Lakh units per annum. Hop Electric launched its Hop OXO electric motorcycle, making remarkable progress in the EV industry.

Smarterz Lab

Located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Smarterz Lab is redefining the construction process. The startup, founded by Pradeepkumar Sundarraj, develops a high-temperature solar 3D printing process that uses concentrated sunlight for developing future structures and homes using sand. With net-zero CO2 emission, they envision their solution to be the future of the construction industry.

Animagtics Technologies Private Limited

Animagtics Technologies, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, is involved in developing off-grid hybrid battery energy storage systems with clean energy technology, a vital renewable energy tool. Animagtics Technologies optimizes flexible electricity systems by accessing generation resources, demand, and storage to manage solar energy.


Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, Pointo is developing India’s most extensive EV Centers network. Riki Biswas and Sumit Mukherjee founded the company, offering services like providing Li-ion batteries on a pay-per-use or lease basis and creating cutting-edge solutions for electric rickshaws and commercial fleet electric 2-wheelers.

Falkan Motors

Built on the foundation of local manufacturing, Falkan Motors situated in New Delhi, Delhi, is manufacturing high-performance and affordable electric scooters. Akhilesh Tripathi founded this startup focusing on 100% local manufacturing of Electric Vehicles, carving a niche in India’s EV space.


ElectricPe is an EV charging platform that provides smart, affordable, and clean electric mobility to Indians. The company, co-founded by Avinash Sharma and Raghav Rohila in Bengaluru, Karnataka, partners with independent charge point operators to serve the community, ensuring every EV user won’t worry about running out of charge or finding a charging point near them.

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