Emerging Hyderabad IT Startups: Powerhouses of Innovation in Indian Tech Industry

January 17, 2024

The bustling city of Hyderabad, a prominent hub for information technology in India, has always been synonymous with innovation. Despite the challenging circumstances presented by the global pandemic, numerous startups have emerged from this region, especially in the IT sector since 2020. These newly established entities are not just surviving, but indeed thriving while continuously pushing the boundaries of technology in a variety of areas. From software development to digital marketing, cloud computing, and much more; the variety and versatility of these startups are indeed commendable. Let’s shine a spotlight on some of these remarkable startups, all founded in 2020 or later, that call Hyderabad their home.

GTM Buddy

Foremost among these is GTM Buddy, a revolutionary platform founded by Chandramani Tiwary, Santa Thounaojam, Sreedhar Peddineni, and Sundar Vellaichamy. GTM Buddy is the epitome of modern revenue team enablement, providing a just-in-time enablement solution with the best content analytics. Help your sellers overcome their content discovery challenges and make them feel confident. Follow them on Twitter at @gtmbuddy and LinkedIn.


Coming from the agriculture sector, Kisanwala is an innovative startup committed to revolutionizing farming in India. They assist farmers by providing them with dependable technology, information, and support to enhance productivity and manage their farming needs efficiently. Learn more about their initiatives on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


An edtech startup, LittleMaster, is taking education to new heights. Founded by Siddharth Marupeddi, their mission is to assist young learners aged 4-15 in acquiring new skills and hobbies through world-class programs taught by exceptionally passionate tutors. Follow them on Twitter @belittlemaster, on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Next up is Doosra, led by founder Aditya Vuchi, which provides a unique solution for safeguarding your personal mobile number. Doosra offers a SIM-free virtual mobile number where all incoming calls are either blocked or rerouted to voicemail. Follow their updates on Twitter @doosra_official, on Facebook and LinkedIn.


The information services startup Kalgudi is another noteworthy Hyderabad-based startup making waves in the tech scene. Further updates about them can be followed on Twitter @kalgudiapp, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Aimed at facilitating premium education, Bryt, founded by Srinivasan Chandrasekhar, partners with budget schools in India. Apart from students, their comprehensive academic product also caters to the needs of teachers, school leaders, and parents. Stay updated with their work on LinkedIn.


Another interesting player in the information services realm is AINRATech. You can follow their progress on Twitter @ainratech, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


The digital marketing genre has a notable addition in the form of MoxieDB. The details about them and their services can be found on their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, the indomitable spirit and ceaseless drive for innovation displayed by these startups underlines Hyderabad’s significant role in the Indian startup ecosystem. Indeed, these startups represent an exciting glimpse into the future of information technology in India and globally.

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