Delhi’s Flourishing E-Commerce Startups Redefining Indian Digital Market

January 17, 2024

The Indian startup ecosystem has been on a meteoric rise, particularly since the advent of the pandemic. One key sector that has seen significant growth has been e-commerce. Fueled by technological advancements and shifting consumer behaviour, several new startups have emerged on the scene, aiming to redefine the way Indians shop online. These startups, all based in New Delhi and established in 2020 or later, are demonstrating innovation in numerous spaces – from agriculture to fashion, ensuring their presence is felt across the industry. Here’s a look at a few of these exciting new businesses.

Before diving into the companies, it’s important to understand the context behind their inception. The pandemic has accelerated a shift towards digital consumption across various sectors in India. However, the e-commerce industry has been at the forefront of this digital revolution, driven by changing consumer mindsets and the increasing digitization of businesses.

From providing a platform for wholesale trading to enabling social e-commerce, these startups are stretching the boundaries of what’s possible in the e-commerce world. Additionally, they’re also demonstrating how startups can play a crucial role in driving India’s digital economy in the post-COVID era.


Poshn is an innovative ag-fintech startup that aims to streamline wholesale trading by providing a complete suite of services including cash flow management and record keeping. Founded in New Delhi, Poshn is carving a niche in the agricultural industry.


Founded by Jiveshwar Sharma, Nikhil Kalra, Puneet Bhaskar, and Rupendra Pratap Singh, TyrePlex is innovating in the automotive e-commerce space. The startup helps independent dealers set up their online stores and manage them effectively, transforming the tyre aftersale market.


Gobillion, a social e-commerce platform, allows customers to purchase products in groups or teams. Launched in 2020 by Roshan Farhan, the startup has its roots in New Delhi and is revolutionizing the way customers shop online.


Bigship is India’s first e-commerce centric business hub aiming to provide comprehensive solutions for e-commerce businesses. From logistics to supply chain management, BigShip simplifies the business process for e-commerce sellers.

CSC Grameen eStore

CSC Grameen eStore, a groundbreaking ecommerce platform, facilitates digital ordering and safe delivery for consumers. Started in the heart of New Delhi, this initiative has revolutionized retail in India.

Glowzone Professional

Founded by Sagar Shukla, Glowzone Professional provides an exclusive marketplace for customers to shop for cosmetics. The platform aims to enhance the online shopping experience for beauty products.


Framed by Dhruv Parmar and Harshul Jain, Glood.AI is a personalized marketing platform for Shopify businesses. Their technology allows for a deeper understanding of visitor behavior, which helps increase conversions and growth.

Arre Bro

Launched by Akhilesh Saurabh and Shahroz Ahmad, Arre Bro is a Direct-To-Consumer Fashion brand. They offer high-quality, in-house made, aesthetic, and minimal apparel to cater to India’s millennials and GenZs.


Anlitiqs is a full-service internet marketing and web development company aiming to solve all web-related needs. From providing effective digital marketing strategies to creating customized websites, Anlitiqs aims to generate significant online presence for businesses.


BUYBACKART is a platform that caters to technology enthusiasts who frequently change their gadgets. It not only allows customers to sell their old gadgets at the best prices but also enables them to buy expensive gadgets at affordable rates.


DigitalZeg is a full-service digital marketing and website development company. It provides a range of services to businesses, including online marketing strategies, digital branding, and consulting. Its deep understanding of digital marketing enables them to generate robust marketing strategies that deliver significant results.

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