Chennai’s Consulting Crusaders: Innovating Business and Technology

November 30, 2023

Internet Lifestyle Hub

Website: Internet Lifestyle Hub
Description: A unique community fostering growth among experts, coaches, consultants, and educators.
Industry Insight: Focused on knowledge sharing, Internet Lifestyle Hub stands out for its community-oriented approach, catering to the evolving needs of modern professionals.


Website: NVICO
Description: Specializing in solving complex challenges in the Energy, Agro, and Technology sectors.
Innovation Angle: NVICO’s problem-solving acumen in critical industries places it at the forefront of consulting in Chennai.

Ailaysa Translation

Website: Ailaysa Translation
Description: Bridging language barriers with AI-powered translation and human editing services in over 50 languages.
Global Reach: Ailaysa’s multilingual capabilities highlight its importance in an increasingly connected world.


Website: TryScrum
Description: A beacon for agile methodologies, offering corporate training and individual coaching.
Agile Expertise: TryScrum’s dedication to agile principles makes it a key player in management consulting.


Description: A diverse service provider in software development, web design, app development, and digital marketing.
Tech Diversity: BAIRACORP’s wide-ranging tech services underline its role in digital transformation.

PSP Digital Marketing

Website: PSP Digital Marketing
Description: Championing online business presence for small and medium enterprises.
SME Support: PSP’s focus on SMEs positions it as a critical ally for business growth in the digital age.

Zingpro Consulting

Website: Zingpro Consulting
Description: Offering outsourced business development with a flexibility that accelerates growth.
Business Development: Zingpro’s outsourced model provides a unique growth catalyst for businesses in India.


Website: Gygantech
Description: A combination of business management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing.
Integrated Solutions: Gygantech’s comprehensive approach marks it as a versatile consulting partner.

DOS13 Corporation

Website: DOS13 Corporation
Description: IT, consulting, and business process services, blending technology with strategy.
Tech Integration: DOS13’s blend of IT and consulting expertise makes it a standout in the tech-driven consulting landscape.


Description: A leading digital agency specializing in web and UI/UX design, along with eCommerce development.
Digital Creativity: MADRO DIGITAL’s focus on aesthetics and functionality reflects the evolving digital trends.

Virtual Auditor

Website: Virtual Auditor
Description: A platform dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs with a range of services from registration to business valuation.
Entrepreneurial Focus: Virtual Auditor is crucial for budding entrepreneurs navigating the business landscape.

Magneto LogiLoop

Website: Magneto LogiLoop
Description: Specializing in consulting for logistics and supply chain management.
Logistics Expertise: Magneto LogiLoop’s focus on supply chain management highlights its role in the global logistics arena.


Website: Protorix
Description: Offering IT software services and solutions for startups.
Startup Ally: Protorix’s services are crucial in the tech startup ecosystem, providing necessary IT support.

Bilight Solutions

Website: Bilight Solutions
Description: Delivers business intelligence consulting and enterprise-level solutions.
Intelligence Pioneers: Bilight Solutions stands out for its focus on business intelligence, a key aspect of modern business strategy.


Website: SaaSBOOMi
Description: Providing SaaS startup programs, training, reports, events, playbooks, treasures, and awards.
SaaS Specialists: SaaSBOOMi’s dedication to S

aaS startups underlines its unique position in the IT service industry.


Chennai’s consulting landscape is rich and diverse, with companies like these leading the charge in various industries. From technology to business development, these firms are not just shaping local businesses but also impacting global markets.

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