Chandigarh’s Flourishing Advertising Startups: Showcasing India’s Innovative Entrepreneurs

January 3, 2024

Despite of the ongoing global health crisis, 2020 and 2021 have seen an inspiring rise in the number of new startups across a wide array of industries in India. One area that has grown significantly is the field of advertising. An array of innovators have launched bold new enterprises aimed at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital and traditional advertising. Chandigarh, known as the city beautiful, renowned for its digital economy has acted as the springboard for many of these game-changing startups. This article aims to showcase the leading-edge startups that have spawned in the advertising industry in Chandigarh since 2020.

The advertising industry in Chandigarh is catching up with the global digital marketing trends and is working swiftly to incorporate advanced technologies and strategies. Digital marketing is not limited to just one form, it covers a wide array of techniques such as search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing to name a few. Chandigarh is cultivating this shift in power, catering to the growing needs of both consumers and businesses alike.

Advertising has changed tremendously over the past few years and these promising startups from Chandigarh are fine examples of this transformation. Let’s delve a bit deeper into these seven startups and see how they’re changing the face of advertising and digital marketing.

Jabnex Solutions | Digital Marketing Agency

Located in the heart of Chandigarh, Jabnex Solutions is a full-service digital agency with a strong vision to construct brands and transform businesses every day. Through a strategic fusion of design and development, online marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media advertising, they deliver a high impact online presence for their clients from day one. You can follow them on @jabnexsolutions, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


HyperProspect, spearheaded by Neeraj Negi, specializes in converting target audiences into valuable leads. They provide targeted and strategic web marketing that cultivates measurable results for brand recognition. Get in touch with them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Digi Bharata

With a team comprising of designers, developers, writers, and marketers, Digi Bharata led by Sahil Sachdeva, is the fastest-growing content collaboration platform. They provide all types of technology updates and news, improving businesses with their unique tools and strategies. Follow them on @digibharata, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Akarshit Mahajan, Astha Shahi, Chinmay Surve, and Harsh Kakkar, Finge helps brands connect with top-tier influencers and creators to scale their campaigns. Leveraging YouTube channel promotions, they ensure that brands get substantial ROI. Stay updated with them on @Finge_io and LinkedIn.

Digital Scout

Digital Scout is a dynamic digital marketing agency that focuses on personalized web marketing solutions. Their comprehensive knowledge of online marketing allows them to offer quality work in all aspects of digital services. Connect with them on @digitalscoutch1, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Started as a local agency, Avanya has grown into a leading digital marketing agency in Chandigarh offering services from web and app development to SEO, branding, and social media marketing. Led by Pobir Laru, Avanya offers the benefits of 360 Digital Marketing helping businesses generate leads and expand. Follow them on @avanyaindia, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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