Bengaluru’s Rising AdTech Startups Reinventing Advertising Industry in India

January 23, 2024

Over the last couple of years, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India has emerged as a hotspot for successful start-ups. One sector which has seen significant growth is the advertising industry, with various novel players sprouting from this fertile landscape. The city’s thriving tech scene, combined with its young and creative demographic, has created the perfect breeding ground for innovation and originality. Our focus in this article is to spotlight some of these standout start-ups ushering in a new wave of creativity and strategic thinking in the world of advertising.

These start-ups, all founded in 2020 or later, have leveraged technology and creativity to deliver innovative and effective advertising solutions. They’ve taken on big industry names with their unique and robust offerings in various aspects like SEM, SEO, Marketing, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Development and Film Production. Let’s take a closer look at these companies operating from Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley.

Without further ado, let’s dive into these forward-thinking companies that are reshaping the advertising landscape in Bengaluru and beyond.


Brandlution operates in the domains of Advertising, Film Production, Marketing, SEM, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Web Development. Founded by Hewad Niazai, it is changing the game with its diverse advertising solutions. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and check their Twitter handle – @brandlution.


Eridium is a digital intent marketing firm that assists businesses in identifying, shaping, and acting on possibilities. They create robust services using insights and data to improve a brand’s reputation, reach, and interest. You can explore more about this company on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Invincible Lion

Invincible Lion, a start-up built by Ajay Singh Shekhawat, bases its operations on Advertising, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Marketing, and Marketing Automation. Their work has led to obtaining more Qualified Leads, more sales, more Brand exposure, and better ROI. Stay updated with their recent activities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @_InvincibleLion.


Founded by Samrudh Sathyanarayan, enclues is changing the face of Advertising and Digital Marketing with its modern and effective approach.


Start-up Brandemic, founded by Abhinav Agarwal, Akshay Naazare, Harsh Vijaykumar, and Pranay Jain, is an award-winning design thinking branding powerhouse. They work on visual and communication designs, websites, UI/UX while also engaging in marketing and business consulting. To know more about Brandemic, visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Mad Marketing Media

Mad Marketing Media (MMM) is a growth marketing and demand generation agency founded by Rohan Ravindran. Their services range from lead generation and digital marketing to revenue operations. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more details.


Wartinlabs helps clients to focus on the core business while they take care of the technology aspect. You can find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.


Adicube is an influencer marketing start-up that connects influencers with brands. They also assist in developing strategies and providing a transparent engagement experience. Check out their LinkedIn page for more information.

Marketing Mania

Marketing Mania offers growth-oriented marketing services aimed at helping brands achieve their objectives. Their services include PPC, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing, Management & Optimization, Link Building, Content Marketing and more. See what they’re up to on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


UPCRED, founded by Dharmpal Chaudhary, aims to empower the world’s creator economy by bringing more authenticity, visibility, and technological enhancements. You can find UPCRED on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @upcred_ai.

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