Bangalore’s Pioneering Food and Beverage Startups Boosting Innovation in India

January 18, 2024

In recent years, the Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed a remarkable growth trajectory, particularly in the food & beverage industry. This industry has millions of players offering exotic flavours, healthy choices, ready-to-eat meals, and gastronomical experiences. The widespread penetration of internet, e-commerce platforms, and emerging technologies have been key contributors to this. It is delightful to see such opportunities being seized by talented entrepreneurs. Let’s explore some invigorating startups that emerged post-2020 in Bangalore’s vibrant food & beverage industry.

A testament to the extraordinary innovation and resilience of entrepreneurs, these newcomers are reimagining the food and beverage industry landscape by offering healthier options, leveraging technology and reaching consumers directly. The entrepreneurs behind them are pushing boundaries and creating new consumer experiences. Let’s introduce some of these Bangalore-based startups and learn about their unique contributions.

From coffee and whole foods to craft spirits and digital solutions, these entities are paving new paths, providing a breath of fresh air, and showcasing an exciting future for the industry. Here’s a snapshot of these creative startups operating from the heart of Bangalore – the Silicon Valley of India.

VS Mani & Co

Founded by Yashas Alur, VS Mani & Co is a specialty south Indian food brand setting its mark in the industry with instant coffee, snacks, and spices. Aiming to modernize taste without compromising authenticity, VS Mani & Co has carved out a unique niche for itself in the food industry.

Salud Beverages

Founded by Ajay Shetty, Salud Beverages strives to encapsulate a slice of life in every sip by crafting distinct Ready-to-Drink and Craft Spirits. Aiming to resonate with the evolving tastes and rapidly changing social milieu, Salud is positioning itself with Life & Lifestyle as its ethos.

Voosh Technologies

Voosh Technologies, brainchild of Kevin Cornell, Kshitiz Sanghi and Priyam Saraswat, brings quality and affordable food brands to the customer. They provide virtual multi-cuisine restaurant chain, enabling smaller restaurants to compete with larger brands.


A brainchild of Sudarshan Boosupalli, Meamo, a retail meat delivery company, extends its services across Bengaluru. It strives to deliver fresh poultry, goat and sheep, seafood, and pet food free of harmful supplements.

Evolved Foods

Evolved Foods stands at the forefront of the Healthy Food revolution, redefining the rules of the game with innovation under-pinned by scientific facts and centuries-old traditions.

Cairdeas Restaurant Solutions

Cairdeas Restaurant Solutions, co-founded by Pavani Kshatriya, and Siddhartha Mondal, offer an all-encompassing solution for restaurant operations. From finding the apt location to providing marketing solutions, they deliver it all to assist restaurant entrepreneurs.


Explorex, co-founded by Mainak Sarkar, and Pritam Khan, are creating a full-stack solution for India’s restaurants, solving order management, operations, payment processing, and customer re-engagement all at once.


Aditya Belwal, Manisha Luthra, and Prachi Belwal’s SouledOut survived the lockdown, providing an array of delicacies coupled with DIY Meal Kits that cater to the cosmopolitan food preferences of Bangalore’s populace.

Demolish Foods

Ravali Amba’s Demolish Foods is creating delicious and irresistible plant-based alternatives to meat aiming to shape a kinder, healthier, and sustainable world.


Floryo stays distinct in offering more than 40 different types of nutritional flours freshly processed on a daily basis, striving to deliver a wholesome choice to its customers.

World of Brands

Raghunandan B, and Rohan Patnaik’s World of Brands rethinks conventional consumer tech & fintech solutions through a technology-first lens aiming to partner, create, & acquire global alcobev brands.

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