Artificial Intelligence vs. Nature’s Intelligence: Unveiling the Boundaries of Innovation

July 3, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • India Global Forum’s UK-India Week 2023 culminated with the Founders and Funders Retreat in Windsor, where technology, financing, and inspiring journeys took center stage.
  • The debate between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Nature’s Intelligence ignited discussions on the complexity and potential of AI.
  • Security concerns and the need for understanding technology from a security perspective were highlighted during the retreat.
  • The retreat also showcased the entrepreneurial journeys of women from Ladakh and Olympic boxing medallist Mary Kom.
  • The event marked the end of UK-India Week, which featured various panels, speeches, and networking opportunities.

The Founders and Funders Retreat, the concluding event of India Global Forum’s UK-India Week 2023, took place on June 30 in Windsor. This retreat brought together speakers from the UK and India to discuss emerging technologies, the future of financing technology, and inspiring journeys that shape the business landscape.

AI vs. Nature’s Intelligence: A Thought-Provoking Debate

Artificial intelligence emerged as a central theme during the retreat, prompting a thought-provoking debate on the capabilities and limitations of AI compared to Nature’s Intelligence. Agam Khare, the Founder of Absolute, emphasized the complexity of nature, stating, “Everything we are talking about AI or computing power will never be able to beat the complexity that nature presents to us. The real intelligence is Nature’s Intelligence. AI is good, but AI is just a tool to Nature’s Intelligence.” Khare emphasized the long-standing existence and evolution of Nature’s Intelligence over billions of years, suggesting that AI, as a relatively new concept, cannot surpass the intricate workings of nature.

The Challenges of AI Expertise and Policy-Making

Sachin Duggal, Co-founder of, highlighted the challenges associated with AI expertise and policy-making. He expressed concerns about the abundance of self-proclaimed AI experts and the need for informed decision-making. Duggal stated, “There are about 500 experts on AI, yet hundred thousand people claiming to be experts and trying to define policy. You have a massive information paradox where you are making decisions in a vacuum without really understanding the security implications. Regulation is about bringing the right people to the room.” This observation shed light on the importance of involving knowledgeable experts in shaping AI policies and regulations.

Security Concerns in the Age of AI

Dr. Marsha Quallo-Wright, Deputy Director for Critical National Infrastructure at the National Cyber Security Center in the UK, emphasized the significance of considering security when exploring AI. She stated, “Understanding technology from a security perspective is vital; resilience includes security but extends beyond it when it comes to AI.” Dr. Quallo-Wright’s insight underscored the need for comprehensive security measures to safeguard AI systems and their potential impact on various sectors.

Showcasing Innovation: ‘IGF Pitchers and Punters’ and ‘Tank the Shark’

In addition to the thought-provoking discussions, the retreat featured two unique events: ‘IGF Pitchers and Punters’ and ‘Tank the Shark.’ The former provided an opportunity for British startups to pitch their ideas to Indian investors, fostering collaboration and innovation. The latter event enabled founders to pitch their ideas directly to the audience, encouraging engagement and feedback.

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Journeys

The evening concluded with ‘Inspiring Journeys,’ a segment that celebrated the entrepreneurial achievements of women from remote villages in Ladakh and Olympic boxing medallist Mary Kom. Nima Goos Goos Co-founders Padma Angmo and Rigzin Angmo, along with Ladakh Brew Co-founders Deachen Chusket and Jigmet Angmo, shared their inspiring entrepreneurial journeys. Their ventures aimed to showcase Ladakhi traditions globally and promote the abundance of high-nutrient crops and herbs unique to the region. Rigzin Angmo expressed their motivation, saying, “Ladakh has an abundance of high-nutrient crops & herbs but sadly not in the market. We started our business to share the goodness of Ladakh.”

Mary Kom: A Champion’s Perspective

Mary Kom, a legendary Olympic boxing medallist, shared her inspiring story and the challenges she faced in her career. Reflecting on her journey, she said, “I have been fighting for 20 years. I am a mother to 4 children. Becoming a champion is not easy. But if our mind is focused on our work and profession, then nobody can stop us.” Kom also discussed her boxing foundation for underprivileged children, stating, “I thought what will I do after retirement. I will not stay at home. I thought I will do something for my country. I just want to give back to my country.”

The Vision Behind India Global Forum

Founder and Chairman of India Global Forum, Manoj Ladwa, shared his entrepreneurial journey and the motivation behind creating the platform. He said, “My entrepreneurial journey actually started as a lawyer. I started my first law firm when I was 27. When I pivoted and set up this platform, I was upset about how India was being portrayed to the world as a glass half-empty. So, I wanted to set up something where like-minded people could get together and say, there are issues, there are cracks. But overall, on balance, the glass is actually half full or bit more than half full. It was an emotional reaction that led to where we are now.”

A Remarkable Conclusion to UK-India Week

The retreat concluded UK-India Week – six days of curated panels, keynote speeches, and exclusive networking with 150+ speakers and 2,000+ participants across 12 marquee events in London and Windsor. The week-long event provided a platform for collaboration, innovation, and meaningful discussions between the UK and India, strengthening the ties between the two nations.

For highlights, speakers, and program details of UK-India Week 2023, visit here.

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India Global Forum (IGF) serves as the agenda-setting forum for international business and global leaders. To learn more about IGF and its initiatives, visit their website here.

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