AIShield and DEKRA: The Power Duo Safeguarding the AI Frontier

September 2, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • AIShield and DEKRA announce a ground-breaking partnership to bolster AI application security.
  • The collaboration will focus on AI security, compliance, and accelerating AI adoption across various industries.
  • AIShield will act as the technology provider for AI model security testing, while DEKRA will offer its expertise in testing and certification.
  • Both companies are aligning their expertise to tackle evolving challenges in AI security, contributing to a safer and more secure AI future.

About AIShield

AIShield, a Bosch startup, is a leading Gartner-recognized AI security provider. Since its inception in 2022, the company has rapidly made its mark with over 35 patents and collaborations with over 40 organizations across various sectors like automotive, healthcare, and banking. AIShield provides comprehensive solutions, from vulnerability analysis to endpoint protection, aiming to secure AI systems around the globe.


DEKRA, a nearly century-old company, is a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) services. With almost 49,000 employees spread across 60 countries, DEKRA generated a staggering EUR 3.8 billion in 2022. It offers a myriad of services, including vehicle inspections, industrial and building inspections, and digital certifications, to name a few. DEKRA aims to be a global partner for a safe, secure, and sustainable world.

The Genesis of a Strategic Partnership

As AI continues its unprecedented march into almost every industry, securing AI models and systems has become a paramount concern. It is against this backdrop that AIShield, an AI application security powerhouse, has joined forces with DEKRA, a global leader in TIC services.

Dr. Xavier Valero, DEKRA’s AI Director, remarked, “Excited to partner with AIShield to enhance AI cybersecurity testing. Our combined expertise ensures robust security testing for AI models, meeting stringent standards. Together, we’ll foster responsible AI frameworks and build trust in AI technologies.”

A Fusion of Technical Prowess and Industry Expertise

The collaboration is set to blend AIShield’s state-of-the-art technology for AI model security testing with DEKRA’s long-standing expertise in testing and certification. Manojkumar Parmar, Founder, CEO, and CTO of AIShield, said, “This partnership with DEKRA signifies an important milestone in ensuring the security and trustworthiness of AI systems. By combining AIShield’s advanced AI security technology with DEKRA’s expertise in testing and certification, we are well-positioned to address the evolving challenges of AI security.”

Adherence to International Standards

The partnership vows to align AI security measures with established international regulations like the EU AI Act, NIST AI RMF, MITRE ATLAS, and ENISA’s recommendations. This sets the stage for a robust AI security framework that not only meets but exceeds existing international standards. It’s not just about ensuring the safety of AI systems but also about offering a way to do it that is universally acceptable and certifiable.

Accelerating Secure AI Adoption Across Industries

Healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, banking, telecom, and critical infrastructure are some of the sectors that will benefit significantly from this partnership. Both AIShield and DEKRA are pooling their resources to expedite the adoption of safe and compliant AI technologies across these sectors.

Dr. Valero further emphasized, “Our colleagues from CertifAI will also benefit from having cutting-edge tools like AIShield to address AI testing in challenging industries such as automotive, industrial, and medical.”

The Road Ahead

AIShield and DEKRA are not just entering a partnership; they are setting a precedent for how AI security should be approached in the coming years. They bring the promise of an AI future that is not just revolutionary but also secure and trustworthy. With their collective ambition, expertise, and commitment, AIShield and DEKRA are uniquely positioned to guide the AI industry toward a horizon of unprecedented safety and integrity.

For further information, please visit AIShield at and DEKRA at

As we venture deeper into the age of artificial intelligence, the AIShield and DEKRA partnership marks a pivotal moment, solidifying the essential role of cybersecurity in the evolution of AI. The duo is not only fortifying the digital frontier but also shaping the ethical and responsible usage of AI in a world increasingly dependent on it.

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